Chapter 25- Transient Rental Overlay District (TROD)



25.010          Intent.

25.020          Establishment of district.

25.030          Uses permitted.

25.040          Uses permitted subject to Director Review.

25.050          Uses permitted subject to Use Permit.

25.060          District requirements

25.070          Additional requirements.





25.010     Intent.

The Transient Rental Overlay District (TROD) is intended to provide additional tourism-based economic opportunities and homeowner economic stability by allowing a transient rental district to be overlaid on properties within residential neighborhoods exhibiting support for allowing transient rentals. The land use designation followed by the letters TR (e.g., SFR-TR) would indicate a Transient Rental Overlay District (TROD).

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25.020     Establishment of district.

The transient rental district may be overlaid on any residential neighborhood, parcel, or group of parcels meeting the requirements of 25.060, and having land use designation(s) of SFR, ER, RR, MFR-L or RMH. In addition to the requirements of this chapter, initiation and application of a TROD shall be processed in the same manner as any land use redesignation (see Ch. 48, Amendments).

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25.030     Uses permitted.

The following uses shall be permitted in the TROD, plus such other uses as the Commission finds to be similar and not more obnoxious or detrimental to the public safety, health and welfare:

  1. All uses permitted in the underlying land use designation.
  2. Where the principal use of the subject parcel(s) is single-family or multifamily residential the residence or any accessory dwelling unit on the parcel(s), may be rented on a transient basis subject to the requirements of 25.070.

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25.040     Uses permitted subject to Director Review.

All uses permitted subject to Director Review in the underlying land use designation with which the TROD is combined shall be permitted, subject to Director Review approval.

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25.050     Uses permitted subject to Use Permit.

All uses permitted subject to use permit in the underlying land use designation with which the TROD is combined shall be permitted, subject to securing a use permit.

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25.060     District requirements.

  1. Overlay district area and overlay district formation noticing process:

A TROD may be applied to one or more existing legal parcels, provided that at least one parcel within the district is developed with a single-family or multifamily residence.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to propose districts made up from three or more parcels and to communicate with all adjacent property owners before submitting an application.

Applications for transient overlay districts consisting of one or two parcels or at the discretion of the planning director if greater than two parcels will require an overlay district formation noticing process prior to public hearing. Notice shall be provided to all property owners adjacent to the proposed transient overlay district and include a 20-day period for noticed property owners to request inclusion in the district.                                     

  1. Overlay District shape:

New TRODs consisting of more than one parcel and district additions shall be contiguous, compact and orderly in shape as determined by the Planning Commission. Factors used to determine compact and orderly district shape include but are not limited to:

  1. Street-frontage sharing;
  2. Adjoining yards; and
  3. Existing neighborhood separation characteristics such as


  1. Subdivision boundaries
  2. Major roads
  3. Natural features
  4. Large undeveloped parcels
  5. Commercial or civic land use

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25.070     Additional requirements.

Any person or entity that leases, rents, or otherwise makes available for compensation, a single-family or multifamily residence located within a TROD designated by this chapter, for a period fewer than 30 days, must first obtain a vacation home rental permit and comply with all applicable requirements of that permit, as set forth in Chapter 26, Transient Rental Standards and Enforcement.

Parcels located within conditional development zones (avalanche) shall not be allowed transient rentals during the avalanche season, November 1 through April 15.

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