Chapter 30- General



30.010          Preapplication conference.

30.020          LDTAC review.

30.030          Environmental review.

30.040          Project modifications.





30.010     Preapplication conference.

Prior to submitting an application for a discretionary project, the County encourages applicants to contact the Planning Division or, in the case of energy-related projects, the Economic Development Department, for a preliminary review of the project concept and an informal identification of probable concerns.

For complex or potentially controversial projects, a prospective applicant should attend a preapplication conference with the Land Development Technical Advisory Committee (LDTAC) to refine the project design in order to avoid anticipated impacts and to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations. The preapplication conference also provides an opportunity to discuss the permit process, the environmental review process, and time frames for the project.

For the preapplication conference, the applicant shall provide a project description, a conceptual site plan, and any other information that the Planning Division deems relevant to the application.

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30.020     LDTAC review.

The Land Development Technical Advisory Committee (LDTAC) consists of the Public Works director, the Community Development director, the Environmental Health director, and any other affected County departments, or their designated representatives. The LDTAC acts in a technical capacity to the Planning Commission by reviewing discretionary projects prior to the initial hearing before the Planning Commission. The purpose of the LDTAC review is to discuss the project and proposed conditions/mitigation measures with the applicant and/or project engineer, to provide solutions for potential concerns, and to ensure that the project complies with federal, state and local regulations.

In addition to reviewing discretionary permit applications, the LDTAC approves lot line adjustments and makes written recommendations to the Planning Commission on subdivisions and land divisions. The LDTAC also participates in preapplication conferences.

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30.030     Environmental review.

Applications for discretionary permits are subject to environmental review and assessment, as provided in the Mono County Environmental Handbook.

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30.040     Project modifications.

During preapplication and application processing, County staff and, when applicable, staff from applicable federal, state and local agencies, shall work with project applicants to ensure that the proposed development is of the highest quality and is consistent with or, when reasonably feasible, exceeds Mono County General Plan policies and the implementing standards in the Land Development Regulations.

Those policies and standards shall be viewed as minimum requirements; development should strive to exceed those minimums whenever reasonably feasible. County staff may require project modifications as necessary to implement this subsection.

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