Benton Hot Springs Valley

  1. Benton Hot Springs Valley, located on SR 120 west of Benton, includes the town of Benton Hot Springs. The majority of land in the valley, including the entire townsite, is owned by one landowner. Benton Hot Springs is the oldest town in Mono County and contains several historic structures that the landowner wishes to preserve and protect.
  2. The Valley itself is used for agricultural purposes, primarily livestock grazing. The landowner wishes to retain this use in order to preserve the open space and scenic values of the land. In addition, several ponds and springs in the area provide habitat for a variety of wildlife, particularly migratory waterfowl. The landowner wishes to improve habitat for wildlife.
  3. The majority of land in the Valley, including the townsite, is within the 100-year floodplain and is subject to periodic flooding.
  4. The landowner is interested in additional, environmentally compatible commercial development to allow for long-term economic sustainability that will be required to preserve the historic structures and maintain habitat and open spaces indefinitely.