Chapter 18- Manufactured Housing Subdivision



18.010          Purpose and intent.

18.020          Designations in which permitted.

18.030          Density.

18.040          Lot area/District area & width.

18.050          Special requirements.

18.060          Lot dimensions.

18.070          Yards.

18.080          Lot coverage.

18.090          Fences, screening and landscaping.

18.100          Access.

18.110          Accessory uses and structures permitted.

18.120          Undergrounding.

18.130          Subdivision of existing mobile-home parks, additional requirements.



18.010     Purpose and intent.

Since, historically, manufactured housing tends to be less expensive than conventional housing, it is the purpose and intent of this chapter to facilitate lower-cost housing opportunities by providing affordable-housing sites.

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18.020     Designations in which permitted.

Manufactured housing subdivisions may be allowed, subject to a use permit and Tract Map application in the following land use designations: ER, MU, MFR, RMH, RR and SFR.

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18.030     Density.

The maximum density permitted in all designations shall not be more than six housing lots designed for a single home for each one acre of land.

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18.040     Lot area/District area and width.

The minimum lot area for each home shall be 4,000 sq. ft.

The minimum area requirements for a manufactured housing subdivision shall not be less than 5 acres; minimum lot width for the subdivision shall not be less than 250 feet.

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18.050     Recreation / Open Space

Recreation or open space shall be provided for each manufactured-housing subdivision, the area of which shall be not less than 1,000 sq. ft. plus an additional 150 sq. ft. for each manufactured housing lot over eight. This open space may be in more than one location, but no location shall contain less than 1,000 sq. ft. Each recreational or open space shall be accessible to all of the manufactured housing lots in the facility and shall not be used for any other purpose.

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18.060     Lot dimensions.

The minimum lot dimensions for each manufactured home shall be as follows:

Width, 50 feet; and

Depth, 80 feet.

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18.070     Yards.

  1. Front yards. Each manufactured housing lot shall have a front-yard setback of not less than 10 feet extending the entire width of the manufactured housing lot. A front yard will be measured from the nearest element of the housing unit, or any accessory structure, to the closest edge of the interior access drive.
  2. Side yards. Each manufactured housing lot shall have a side yard of not less than 5 feet in width along the entire length of the housing unit,
  3. Corner lots. The side yard abutting the street shall be not less than 10 feet along the entire length of the manufactured housing unit and not less than 5 feet from the property line to any convenience structure or awning.
  4. Rear yards. Each manufactured housing lot shall have a rear yard of not less than 10 feet and shall extend across the entire width of the manufactured housing lot.
  5. No housing unit shall be located closer than 20 feet from any property line that is a public street.

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18.080     Lot Coverage.

Not more than 75% of the area of a manufactured housing lot shall be covered by the housing unit, accessory structures, paved drives and parking.

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18.090     Fences, screening and landscaping.

A solid fence of not less than 6 feet in height may be required on all exterior subdivision boundaries. Fences are permitted, but not required for manufactured housing lots, and shall not exceed 7 feet in height. Where a fence is located in any required front yard, it shall not exceed 4 feet. Alternately, a combination of landscaping, screening, or fencing may also be deemed appropriate.

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18.100     Access.

All manufactured housing lots and recreation facilities shall have access only from a private interior drive. There shall be no direct access from a manufactured housing lot to a public street or road. Private internal access shall comply with standards of Chapter 22 Fire Safe Regulations.

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18.110     Accessory uses and structures permitted.

The following accessory uses and structures may be permitted in manufactured housing subdivisions, provided that they conform to setback requirements and maximum lot coverage requirements:

  1. Convenience Structures. Awnings; portable, demountable, or permanent cabanas; storage cabinets and buildings; ramadas; windbreaks; carports; garages; porches; greenhouses; bathhouses and other accessory structures;
  2. Recreational Facilities. Parks, playgrounds, riding and hiking trails, golf courses, lakes, stables and riding rings, recreational buildings, clubhouses, community centers, and similar uses and facilities, provided that all such uses and facilities are designed for and limited to use by residents of the manufactured-housing subdivision and their guests, and if otherwise permitted by County Code.

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18.120     Underground installation.

All sewer and water facilities and electric, gas, telephone, and TV cable distribution systems shall be placed underground.

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18.130     Subdivision of existing manufactured home parks, additional requirements.

A manufactured-home park may be subdivided in accordance with applicable provisions of the Mono County Code relating to subdivisions and shall also comply with the provisions contained in this chapter, as well as in the provisions of Chapter 17 of the Mono County Code (Subdivision).

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