Chapter 17- Mobile-Home and Recreational-Vehicle Parks



17.010          Requirements generally.

17.020          Lot area and lot width.

17.030          Density.

17.040          Existing mobile-home parks and recreational-vehicle parks.

17.050          Streets.

17.060          Garbage collection area.

17.070          Fences, landscaping and screening.

17.080          Access.

17.090          Yards.

17.100          Signs.






17.010     Requirements generally.

The standards contained in this chapter shall apply to the development of all mobile- home parks and recreational-vehicle parks in all designations. Refer to definitions 02.790 and 02.970 for the definition of mobile home and recreational vehicle.

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17.020     Lot area and lot width.

  1. The minimum lot area in all designations shall be as follows but may be more restrictive in any applicable area of the General Plan:

Mobile-home parks, five acres;

Recreational-vehicle parks, two acres.

  1. The minimum lot width in all designations shall be:

Mobile-home parks, 250 feet;

Recreational-vehicle parks, 100 feet.

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17.030     Density.

The maximum density permitted in all districts shall be as follows, but may be more restrictive in any area plan:

  1. Mobile-home parks, not more than 10 mobile-home spaces for each one acre of land area; and
  2. Recreational-vehicle parks, not more than seventeen (17) recreational-vehicle spaces for each one acre of land.

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17.040     Existing mobile-home parks and recreational-vehicle parks.

The following standards shall apply to all existing mobile-home parks and recreational-vehicle parks that were legally established prior to adoption of the land use designations and land development regulations.

  1. Lot Area and Width.
    1. Any existing mobile-home park or recreational-vehicle park legally established prior to adoption of the land development regulations and that has a lot area or lot dimensions of less than prescribed by the designation in which it is situated is deemed a nonconforming lot and shall be permitted to continue the mobile-home park use. A mobile-home park on a nonconforming lot may, upon securing a use permit, expand to utilize the entire nonconforming parcel.
  2. Mixed Uses - Nonconforming lots.
    1. Subject to securing a use permit, a portion of a mobile-home park may be designated for use by recreational-vehicle spaces.
    2. Subject to securing a use permit, a portion of a recreational-vehicle park may be converted for use by mobile-home spaces subject to the following criteria:
      1. Any percent of the lot area may be converted to mobile-home uses; however, mobile-home areas shall be distinct from areas designated for recreational vehicles (i.e., separated by a road, fence or landscaped buffer).
      2. When converting recreational-vehicle spaces for mobile-home occupation, the converted space shall comply with all minimum yard requirements in section 17.090.
      3. All mobile-home spaces so created shall meet all State and County requirements for mobile-home installation.

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17.050     Streets.

The following street-width standards shall apply to all internal streets for new parks or additions to existing parks. In those portions of the county that lie at an elevation of 7,000 feet and above, internal streets shall be widened an additional 5 feet over allowable minimums to facilitate snow removal. The more restrictive of these regulations, fire district, or Cal Fire standards shall apply.

  1. Recreational-Vehicle Parks.
    1. One Way: 15 feet. One-way streets shall be permitted only when individual recreational-vehicle sites are designed so that the vehicle can pull out (not back out) into the correct one-way direction.
    2. Two Way: 25 feet.
    3. Parking: Parking along internal roadways is allowed only when a paved or graveled parking lane 8 feet wide is provided in addition to the roadway.
  2. Mobile-Home Parks.
    1. Two Way: 25 feet.
    2. Parking on one side of the street: 33 feet.
    3. Parking on both sides of the street: 41 feet.

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17.060     Garbage collection area.

All trash and garbage collection areas shall be surrounded on at least three sides by a solid fence not less than 5 feet in height.

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17.070     Fences, landscaping and screening.

Upon a finding by the Planning Commission during the use permit process that a mobile-home park or recreational-vehicle park will have a detrimental impact upon surrounding properties, the Commission may determine that a solid fence of not less than 7 feet in height shall be placed and maintained on all side and rear property lines to mitigate the impact upon adjoining properties. Alternately, a combination of landscaping, screening or fencing also may be deemed appropriate.

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17.080     Access.

All mobile home- and recreational-vehicle park spaces shall be served by internal streets within the development. There shall be no direct access from a mobile home- or recreational-vehicle space to a public street or road. All points of vehicular access to or from a public street or road shall be approved by the Public Works Department.

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17.090     Yards.

  1. Yards from property boundaries.
    1. Front yard. A minimum 20-foot front yard.
    2. Rear yard. A minimum 10-foot rear yard.
    3. Side yard. A minimum 5-foot side yard.
  2. Yards from individual space boundaries.
    1. No mobile home shall have a front-yard setback of less than 10 feet from an interior street.
    2. No mobile home shall have a side yard of less than 5 feet along the entire length of the unit, and not less than 3 feet from any convenience structure or awning.
    3. No mobile home shall have a rear yard of less than 10 feet.

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17.100     Signs.

  1. Not more than one sign shall be permitted at each entrance to a mobile-home park or recreational-vehicle park.
  2. The signs shall not exceed 32 sq. ft. in area, and shall not exceed 6 feet in height.
  3. Signs shall not be blinking, flashing, rotating or animated. Lights used to illuminate on the sign and to minimize glare on any public street or adjacent property.
  4. Each sign shall be placed adjacent to, but not closer than 10 feet to, the entrance from any public street or road serving the mobile-home park or recreational-vehicle park.

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