GOAL 25. Retain the natural, aesthetic, environmental and lifestyle qualities valued by residents as part of a rural community surrounded by healthy wildlands.

Objective 25.A.

Protect and preserve the essential natural character and continuity of the community’s surrounding wildlands for their inherent value and the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Policy 25.A.1. Maintain the single-family residential development pattern (see the Rock Creek Ranch and Rock Creek Canyon specific plans).

Policy 25.A.2. Consistent with the Conservation/Open Space Element and in collaboration with natural resource management agencies, protect and maintain healthy ecosystems, habitats, and wildlife populations in the Paradise area.

Policy 25.A.3. Consistent with the Conservation/Open Space Element, protect significant historical and archaeological sites from damage or destruction.

Policy 25.A.4. Collaborate with Caltrans to mitigate impacts of transportation projects on wildlife, consistent with the Regional Transportation Plan.

Objective 25.B.

Retain a quiet, peaceful and tranquil residential atmosphere within the community.

Policy 25.B.1. Abate noise issues consistent with the Noise Element and County Code.

Policy 25.B.2. Prevent incompatible and/or conflicting uses within the community from non-residential uses.

Objective 25.C.

Provide appropriate infrastructure and requirements to ensure public safety and service capacity.

Policy 25.C.1. Support the protection of water quality and supply by collaborating with the Lower Rock Creek Mutual Water Company.

Policy 25.C.2. Protect local air quality consistent with the Conservation/Open Space Element.

Policy 25.C.3. Explore the need to identify and protect public viewsheds.

Policy 25.C.4. Support wildland fire preparedness and community fire safety efforts by implementing State Law and Chapter 22, Fire Safe Regulations, of the Land Use Element; routing building permits to the local fire district for review; and consulting with Cal Fire.

Policy 25.C.5. Ensure housing units are constructed to a similar standard as existing housing through building permits subject to the California Building Code and County regulations.

Objective 25.D.

Provide for safe recreational facilities that support the local tourist economy and quality of life.

Policy 25.D.1. Support the policies in the Regional Transportation Plan to improve the transportation network and system.

Policy 25.D.2. Work with the community to identify other potential transportation projects and needs, such as traffic calming, signage and wayfinding, parking, and pedestrian infrastructure.                              

Policy 25.D.3. Support efforts to improve infrastructure for recreationalists that improves the experience, and reduces impacts to the environment and residents, such as public restrooms at trail heads.

Policy 25.D.4. Explore funding opportunities for projects.