Land Use Designations

The maximum population densities listed below were calculated without allowances for density bonuses. Density bonuses of varying percentages may be applied in various land use designations based on a variety of criteria, such as the provision of affordable housing or covered parking. Some Area Plans also provide for density bonuses if certain criteria are met. See Section 04.100 Density for density bonus provisions.


Land use designations shown on the land use maps are based upon an evaluation of natural, cultural, and social characteristics of the land as well as the countywide land use policy framework and specific area policies. However, the analyses did not always include a detailed study of the circumstances and environmental constraints of each specific parcel. Future detailed evaluation of specific properties may show that an alternate use is warranted. For this reason, upon proper application, the County will consider amendments to this plan.


Since the County has direct planning authority over only a small percentage of the lands in the county, the County must work with other land managers to manage the natural resources in the area in a coordinated and standardized manner, in order to conserve natural and cultural resources while at the same time providing for community needs. Although the Land Use Element assigns land use designations to all of the land within its planning area, the focus of the planning effort is the privately owned unincorporated lands within the county. Land use designations have been developed to reflect federal land use designations and to complement the land use designations used by the Town of Mammoth Lakes.


NOTE: In the following Land Use Designation section, references to mobile home shall mean manufactured housing, as defined in Section 02.770.