Antelope Valley

  1. There is a significant amount of privately owned high-quality agricultural land in the Antelope Valley. The desire is to maintain this land in agricultural uses in order to preserve the area's scenic qualities. Increasing development pressures could affect the use of the agricultural land in the Valley.
  2. Residents in the Antelope Valley are interested in preserving the existing rural character of the communities and the Valley as a whole.
  3. The BLM, in its Resource Management Plan, has identified privately owned land in the Valley for potential acquisition and has identified a smaller amount of federal land for disposal into private ownership. Residents of the area are concerned about a potential loss of private land.
  4. There is the potential to enhance the natural resource-based recreational opportunities in the area, particularly by developing additional recreational facilities and opportunities at Topaz Lake. In planning for additional recreation at Topaz Lake, there is a need to designate a boat launching area to provide boat access within California and to designate restricted boating areas to protect critical water bird nesting and rearing habitat. The Walker River Irrigation District is currently working cooperatively with other agencies to develop a recreation management plan for Topaz Lake.
  5. Much of the Valley is in the floodplain of the Walker River and may also contain wetlands.
  6. Sewage disposal may become a constraint to additional development in existing community areas. Currently, individual septic systems are in use throughout the Valley.
  7. There is substantial local interest in protecting the surface and groundwater resource in the Valley.
  8. Seismic hazards are situated in several areas of the Valley, including along the western portion of the US 395 corridor.
  9. There is a need to preserve critical deer migration corridors and winter habitat.
  10. There is interest is developing a Main Street plan on US 395 for Walker to improve the visitor experience and tourism, provide for enhanced way finding and use of community assets (park, community center, Mountain Gate, etc.), develop a common theme for main street (street trees, landscaping, town center, common signage for communities, etc.), and improve pedestrian/bicycle facilities.
  11. There is interest in continuing to expand recreational opportunities for residents and visitors (e.g., proposed fishing regulation change on West Walker River, ATV jamboree, and other events).
  12. There is interest in continuing to promote the Antelope Valley as a tourist destination.
  13. There is interest in enabling more residents to establish home-based businesses.
  14. There is interest in exploring ways to reduce burdensome regulation for agricultural uses in order to support the agricultural economy and heritage of the Valley.