Industrial Park (IP)

INTENT: The “IP” designation is intended to provide for a combination of light- and moderate-intensity industrial uses that do not create environmental nuisances or hazards to a degree that might be obnoxious or offensive to persons conducting business in this or adjacent areas.


  • Any proposed change of use when conducted within an existing, conforming, legally developed structure, for those uses subject to a Director Review or Use Permit
  • Adult-oriented businesses conducted in compliance with the locational requirements of Chapter 19 of the Land Development Regulations (set forth in Section VI of this Land Use Element) and with the permit and other operational requirements of Chapter 5.45 of the Mono County Code


  • All permitted uses if deemed necessary by the Director
  • Agricultural uses, nurseries, greenhouses
  • Offices, business and professional
  • Laboratories
  • Commercial laundries and dry-cleaning establishments
  • Wholesale sales and warehousing
  • Vehicle repair garages and shops
  • Manufacture of clothing, household effects, art, jewelry, silverware, ceramics, leather goods (assembly only) toys, and electronics
  • Upholstery
  • Shops for the assembly or completion of finished paper, wood, or metal products
  • Editorial and designing, printing, lithography, bookbinding
  • Painting, plumbing, electrical, cabinet and glass shops
  • Public buildings and uses
  • Light equipment rental and/or storage yards
  • Storage yard for construction materials and equipment
  • Lumber yards and building materials, wholesale and retail (but not lumber mills)
  • Temporary buildings and appurtenant structures to allowed use
  • Storage of recreational vehicles, boats and miscellaneous recreational related equipment
  • Transfer facilities for waste management
  • Collection, sorting and transportation of recyclables
  • Accessory buildings and uses1


  • Industrial condominiums
  • Waste transfer and management facilities for diversion, recycling and long haul
  • Tank farms
  • Freight terminals


Minimum Lot Area:             10,000 sf 4

Minimum District Area:      10 acres

If abutting parcels have a commercial or industrial land use designation and existing uses on those abutting properties are compatible, a minimum district area of five acres may be considered.


Minimum Lot Dimensions: Width – 75’

                                         Depth – 100’ 4

Maximum Lot Coverage:    80%

Minimum Setbacks:

Uses Subject to DR    Front:    20’                Rear:        5’                Side:       0’

Uses Subject to UP    Front:    20’                Rear:      10’                Side:         10’

See Section 04.120 for other provisions.

Density:   Residential uses are not permitted.

Maximum Building Height:      40’

Landscaping: Screening, fences, and/or landscaping may be required when the character of the proposed use, the size and location of the building site or nature of adjacent uses are such as to require screening and will be determined as part of the Use Permit or Director Review process.

Location Standards: Before siting a proposed industrial park district, proof shall be provided that it conforms to nuisances and hazards requirements of section 04.250.

Minimum Space Between Buildings:  10’


  1. Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to any of the permitted uses are permitted only when located on the same lot and constructed simultaneously with or subsequent to the main building.
  2. Densities stated are based upon availability of both community water and sewer.
  3. Uses may have been omitted from the list of those specified, hence the Commission may find other uses to be similar and not more obnoxious or detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare. See explanation of interpreting "similar uses" Chapter 04, Uses not listed as permitted.
  4. Lots requiring individual septic systems are subject to minimum dimensions as determined by the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board.


Land Development Regulations – 

Ch. 04             Development Standards – General

Ch. 06             Development Standards – Parking

Ch. 07             Development Standards – Signs