Commercial (C)

INTENT: The “C” designation is intended to provide for a wide range of uses and services for the resident and visitor including retail, business and professional uses and services in community areas, including commercial lodging and higher density housing, when found compatible with retail and service functions.

The creation of a pleasant and efficient environment for shopping and business is an important function of this district.


  • Any proposed change of use when conducted within an existing conforming, legally developed structure for the following retail and professional uses. Exterior structural alterations or additional parking shall require a Director Review. The following uses are examples of such permitted uses within existing structures:
  • Retail Trade – e.g., food, drug, hardware, limited apparel, liquor stores, limited department stores, dry goods, gift shops, home furnishings, paint, tires, bookstores, bakery, florist, pet supplies, health food stores, sporting goods, etc.
  • Services – e.g., finance, insurance and real estate, banks, , title & escrow, real estate developers and builders, investment services, bail bonds, etc.
  • Personal Services – e.g., self-service laundries and dry cleaning, beauty salons, barbers, shoe repair, photographic services, cleaning and laundry, etc.
  • Business Services – e.g., business centers, general advertising, business and management consulting, , employment services, etc.
  • Repair Services – e.g., electronics repair, furniture and jewelry repair, repair of anything sold in this district, etc.
  • Professional Services – e.g., physicians, dental and legal services, welfare and charitable services, medical and dental laboratories, etc.
  • Cultural/Religious Activities – e.g., churches, art galleries, museums, etc.
  • Food-service establishments – e.g., restaurants, delis, fast food, bars, etc.
  • Any combination of permitted uses
  • When found compatible with the intent, single-family residential, duplex and triplex, plus accessory structures 
  • Small-scale agriculture
  • Transitional and Supportive Housing5


  • All permitted uses if determined necessary by the Director
  • Temporary uses: model homes, mobile-home display units, etc., only if one year or less
  • All new construction for the purpose of conducting sales, business or services, including any uses listed above.
  • All conversions from a prior use when exterior structural alterations or additional parking are required.
  • Accessory buildings and uses.


  • Household units; if found compatible with the district, apartments, condominiums, etc.
  • Lodging – e.g., hotels, motels, time-share, RV parks, bed-and-breakfast establishments, etc.
  • Transportation, communications –  e.g., parking lot
  • Retail trade – e.g., automotive service stations
  • Educational – e.g., nursery and primary schools, private childcare facilities
  • Miscellaneous services – e.g., religious activities
  • Public – e.g., hospitals; post offices; water treatment plants; collection, sorting and transportation of recyclables; etc.
  • Entertainment establishments – e.g., theaters, movies, cocktail lounges, bars, nightclubs, etc.
  • Retail establishments – e.g., department stores, etc.
  • Professional offices – e.g., medical complex, administrative centers, small animal hospitals and boarding kennels, etc.
  • Buildings for conducting services – e.g., financial institutions,  health clubs, convention centers, roller skating, bowling, indoor ice-skating, auto rental, fitness centers , etc.
  • All of the permitted uses and uses subject to Director Review if determined necessary by the Director.


Minimum Lot Area:             10,000 sf 4

Minimum District Area:      2 acres

Minimum Lot Dimensions: Width – 60’                      

                                                Depth – 100’

Maximum Lot Coverage:    60%, when principal use is a residential use

                                                70%, all other uses

Minimum Setbacks:

Front:             10’                      Rear:            5’                           Side:        0’

See Section 04.120 for other provisions.

Density:         Residential uses – 15 du/acre

Hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfast establishments, etc. – 40 units/acre

Maximum Building Height:        35’         See Table 04.010 for other provisions.

Landscaping: Fences and/or screening shall be required when abutting any residential district. Any use subject to use permit shall be required to either landscape (per approved landscape plan) or leave in natural open space (i.e., ungraded) all areas not covered by impervious surfaces.


1. Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to any of the permitted uses are permitted only when located on the same lot and constructed simultaneously with or subsequent to the main building.

2. Densities stated are based upon availability of both community water and sewer.

3.   Uses may have been omitted from the list of those specified, hence the Commission may find other uses to be similar and not more obnoxious or detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare. See explanation of interpreting "similar uses" Chapter 04, Uses not listed as permitted.

4. Lots requiring individual septic systems are subject to minimum dimensions as determined by the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board.

5. Transitional and Supportive Housing projects are permitted in the same manner as other residential housing.


Land Development Regulations – 

Ch. 04             Development Standards – General

Ch. 06             Development Standards – Parking

Ch. 07             Development Standards – Signs

Table 04.010  Building Heights