Chapter 03- Land Use Designations



03.010          Land use designation criteria.

03.020          Land use designations.





03.010     Land use designation criteria.

Each and every parcel of land in the unincorporated area of the county has been duly assigned a land use designation, as depicted in the Land Use Maps available at Except as otherwise expressly provided by these Land Development Regulations, no land may be developed or used except in the manner permitted by its assigned designation. (See also Sections 01.060, 02.705, and 04.020 of these Land Development Regulations.) Land use designations (shown on the land use maps) are based upon an evaluation of natural, cultural, and social characteristics of the land as well as the countywide land use policy framework and specific area policies. Those analyses, however, did not always include a detailed study of the circumstances and environmental constraints of each specific parcel. Future detailed evaluation of specific properties may show that an alternate designation is warranted. Upon proper application, the County will consider amendments to the land use designations.

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03.020     Land use designations.

Section IV of the Land Use Element contains summary sheets of the development standards that apply to each land use designation in Mono County. These sheets contain the general standards for each land use designation, as well as the uses permitted; they do not detail all possible standards and exemptions applicable to the given land use designation. The following is a list of the land use designations found in Section IV.

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Symbol               Land Use Designation

RR                      Rural Residential

ER                      Estate Residential

RMH                   Rural Mobile Home

SFR                    Single-Family Residential

MFR-L, -M, -H   Multi-Family Residential (Low, Moderate and High)

RU                      Rural Resort

CL-M, -H            Commercial Lodging (Moderate and High)

MU                     Mixed Use

C                        Commercial

SC                      Service Commercial

IP                        Industrial Park

I                          Industrial

RE                      Resource Extraction

RM                     Resource Management

AG                      Agriculture

SAA                    Scenic Area Agriculture

OS                      Open Space

NHP                   Natural Habitat Protection

PF                       Public Facilities

SP                       Specific Plan