Chapter 10- Equestrian Overlay District



10.010          Intent.

10.020          Establishment of district.

10.030          Uses permitted.

10.040          Uses permitted subject to Use Permit.

10.050          Lot area/District area.

10.060          Special requirements.

10.070          Restrictions to use of an E-Overlay District.






10.010     Intent.

The equestrian overlay district is intended to provide for the superimposing of an equestrian district on all land use designations where single-family residences are permitted. The land use designation followed by the letter E (e.g., SFR-E) would indicate an equestrian district overlay providing for the keeping of large domestic animals for personal use subject to the minimum standards set forth in this district.

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10.020     Establishment of district.

The equestrian district may be overlaid on any single-family residential district. In addition to the requirements of this chapter, initiation and application of this overlay district is subject to the same requirements as any land use redesignation (see Ch. 48, Amendments).

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10.030     Uses permitted.

The following uses shall be permitted in the equestrian overlay district, plus such other uses as the Commission finds to be similar and not more obnoxious or detrimental to the public safety, health and welfare:

  1. All uses permitted in the basic land use designation with which the equestrian district is combined; and
  2. Where the principal use of the subject parcel is single-family residential, the keeping of horses or other large domesticated animals for personal use may be permitted. No commercial animal raising or keeping shall be allowed.

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10.040     Uses permitted subject to Use Permit.

All uses permitted in the basic land use designation with which the equestrian overlay district is combined shall be permitted, subject to securing a use permit.

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10.050     Lot area/District area.

  1. Minimum lot area.

For the keeping of one horse or other large domesticated animal, 15,000 sq. ft. Additional animals may be kept on a larger parcel, but shall not exceed one animal for each 10,000 sq. ft. of land area contained in the parcel.

  1. Minimum district area.
    1. Five acres;
    2. Any addition to an already established E-Overlay District shall be not less than one acre.

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10.060     Special requirements.

  1. Animal confinement areas, including, but not limited to pens and corrals, shall be maintained in accordance with Mono County Environmental Health requirements. Confinement areas shall be maintained in a clean and orderly manner at all times. Accumulation of animal waste or other odor- or insect- producing materials shall not be permitted. No part of any animal confinement area shall be located closer than 50 feet to any dwelling with the exception of the animal owner's dwelling in which case the minimum distance may be 20 feet.
  2. Barns, stables and similar necessary buildings in the E overlay district may exceed the height limitations for accessory structures in the base designation, but in no case shall they exceed the heights permitted for primary dwellings in the base designation.

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