County Facilities and Community Services Infrastructure

  1. County facilities provide important public gathering spaces and focal points in local communities. Determining the highest priority community facilities is often a challenging public conversation.
  2. County facilities provide important office space for employees to serve the public and are critical to work-space quality. Care and consideration should be given to facility purpose, work-space planning, special requirements, etc. when designing and building.
  3. The operations and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure, both ongoing and ever-increasing costs, are a challenge and should be considered in the planning and financing for capital improvements.
  4. Adherence to a standardized procedure for submitting, reviewing, approving and implementing facilities projects is needed to ensure limited resources are utilized effectively.
  5. Due to the size, isolation and dispersed nature of Mono County and its communities, there is a need to maintain geographically convenient services for north and south county.
  6. Due to limited resources, there is a need and opportunity to coordinate public facilities with other agencies, particularly special districts and the Town of Mammoth Lakes.
  7. Due to land ownership patterns, efficient service provision requires collaboration with public land management agencies, including the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
  8. The completion of the Digital 395 project created a significant opportunity to expand communication services to communities and for use within County facilities.