Upper Owens

  1. All landowners agree that agricultural uses should be continued. There appears to be support for continuing current grazing management practices. A consensus among the private landowners is that agricultural uses are compatible with the recreational use of the area.
  2. The majority of landowners believe the area should focus on family resort/seasonal use and ranching rather than community development. Uses shall be of the type that attracts people for a limited time, not the type that promotes year-round occupancy. Some landowners believe that the historical land uses of agriculture, recreational fishing and seasonal recreational use should take precedence over any new land use.
  3. There is a growing need for winter security to prevent vandalism, trespassing and poaching. Vandalism occurs in the winter and at times during hunting season. There is currently limited plowed winter road access to the area, limited cell phone reception and no electrical service to all of the properties. The area also lacks structural fire protection and other similar services.
  4. There is considerable concern that fluctuating flows from the Mono Basin will impact the Upper Owens fishery and riparian areas, and that decreased flows have inhibited fish from traveling upstream from Crowley Lake and cause aquatic habitat degredation. Upper Owens landowners believe that consistent flows from East Portal to Crowley are highly desirable to maximize the potential of the Upper Owens River as a productive fishery.
  5. There is considerable concern that water transfer projects from the Upper Owens and/or its watershed will negatively impact the area. There is also concern about the direct and indirect impacts that future ski area base development may have on the area.
  6. The Upper Owens area provides sensitive habitat for mule deer, bald and golden eagles, sage grouse and numerous other wildlife species.