Chapter 8: References

Documents Consulted


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Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS)

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Websites Consulted

California Air Resources Board

Air emissions inventory data. Information on air quality and transportation planning.


California Department of Finance

Statistical Abstract, population and income data, other socio-economic data.


California Department of Motor Vehicles

Statistics on vehicles and drivers licensed in Mono County.


California Department of Transportation

Planning guidance, traffic counts.


California Highway Patrol

Collision information, roadway statistics.


California Labor Market Information, Employment Development Department

Socioeconomic data, income and poverty data.


Eastern Sierra Transit Authority

Schedules and information about ESTA routes and Carson Ridgecrest Eastern Sierra Transit (CREST) routes.


Mono County

Links to Mono County departments and to the Local Transportation Commission. Also, Mono County documents online. Link to Mono County Rideshare Program (AlterNetRides).


Town of Mammoth Lakes

Links to Town departments. Town documents online.


U.S. Census Bureau

Population, income, and poverty data.


U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis

Income, poverty, and other socioeconomic data.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Air quality data.



Information on YARTS.


Persons Consulted

Bridgeport Indian Colony

Justin Nalder


Caltrans, District 9

Ryan Dermody, Terry Erlwein, Forest Becket, and other staff


Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District.

Duane Ono


Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center

      Doug Power and Col. John Gamelin


Mono County Local Planning Groups.

Antelope Valley Regional Planning Advisory Committee

Benton/Hammil Regional Planning Advisory Committee

Benton Hotsprings Landowners

Bridgeport Valley Regional Planning Advisory Committee

Chalfant Regional Planning Advisory Committee

June Lake Citizens Advisory Committee and June Lake Trails Committee

Long Valley Regional Planning Advisory Committee

Mono Basin Regional Planning Advisory Committee

Oasis Landowners

Paradise Regional Planning Advisory Committee

Upper Owens Landowners


Mono County Public Works Department

Jeff Walters, Garrett Higerd, Paul Roten


Town of Mammoth Lakes.

Grady Dutton, Haislip Hayes, Brian Picken, Sandra Moberly, Jen Daugherty


In addition, per Government Code §65352.3 under Senate Bill 18, the following California Nation American Tribes identified by the Native American Heritage Commission were sent consultation letters:


Benton Paiute Reservation, Billie (Jake) Saulque   

Big Pine Band of Owens Valley THPO, Bill Helmer

Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley, Genevieve Jones

Bishop Paiute Tribe, Gerald Howard and Raymond Andrews

Bridgeport Pauite Indian Colony, John L. Glazier

Kern Valley Indian Council, Robert Robinson

Mono Lake Indian Community, Charlotte Lange

Walker River Reservation, Melanie McFalls

Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California, Darrell Kizer