Chapter 09- Design Review District



09.010          Applicability. 

09.020          Establishment of a design review district.

09.030          Design review process.

09.040          Standards - General.

09.050          Uses permitted.

09.060          Uses permitted subject to Use Permit.

09.070          Permit issuance.

09.080          Appeals.






09.010     Applicability.

This chapter provides for the establishment of design review districts and for design review of commercial structures and multifamily residential development within the district. Single-family residential development may also be reviewed if the ordinance establishing a design review district provides for such review.

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09.020     Establishment of a design review district.

In addition to the requirements of this chapter, initiation and application of a design review district is subject to the requirements for a land use redesignation (see Ch. 48, Amendments). A design review district shall be established upon adoption of an ordinance that states the boundaries of the district and the purposes of the district.

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09.030       Design review process.

Upon creation of a design review district, the board of supervisors may appoint a design review committee or may designate the Planning Division as the design review body for the purposes of this chapter. If a design review committee is appointed, the committee shall consist of not fewer than three or more than seven members residing within the design review district.

Specific design review standards shall be established for each design review district. These standards shall, at a minimum, comply with the general development standards in Section 9.040. Specific standards for a design review district shall be developed and updated as needed by the Planning Division in consultation with any local architectural review committee or, if appointed, by the design review committee, in consultation with the Planning Division and any local architectural review committee. Standards must be adopted by the board of supervisors in a noticed public hearing prior to review of any projects.

Either the Planning Division or, if appointed, the design review committee shall review an application for a project or permit to determine whether the proposal is compatible with the established design review standards for the district. In their review, the planning division or the design review committee shall identify unacceptable visual qualities of the proposal and request appropriate changes. Proposals may be recommended for approval by the design review committee with or without conditions; design review committee recommendations shall be considered by the Planning Division in the case of building permits or by the reviewing body prior to approval.

If an active local architectural review committee exists to enforce CC&Rs in a subdivision that lies within a design review district, that committee may continue to review all development applications within the subdivision.

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09.040       Standards - General.

  1. The overall objective of design review shall be to retain a community's natural topography, vegetation and scenic beauty to the greatest extent possible.
  2. Visually offensive land uses shall be adequately screened through the use of extensive site landscaping, fencing, and/or contour grading.
  3. Earthwork, grading and vegetative removals shall be minimized.
  4. All site disturbances shall be revegetated with plants and landscaping in harmony with the surrounding environment (drought-resistant indigenous plants are encouraged). A landscaping plan shall be submitted and approved for all projects.
  5. Existing access roads shall be utilized whenever possible. Construction of new access roads, frontage roads or driveways shall be avoided except where essential for health and safety.
  6. The number, type, size, height and design of on-site signs shall be strictly regulated according to the County sign regulations (see Ch. 07, Development Standards–Signs).
  7. The design, color and materials for buildings, fences and accessory structures shall be compatible with the natural setting.
  8. The following architectural designs and features are considered detrimental to the general well-being of a community:
    1. Reflective materials;
    2. Excessive height and/or bulk;
    3. Standardized designs that are utilized to promote specific activities and that are not in harmony with the community atmosphere; and
    4. Architectural designs and features that are incongruous to the community and/or that significantly detract from the natural attractiveness of the community or its surroundings.
  9. All new utilities shall be installed underground in accordance with Ch. 11, Development Standards – Utilities.
  10. Exterior lighting shall be shielded and indirect and shall be minimized to that necessary for security and safety.

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09.050       Uses permitted.

All uses permitted in the basic land use designation with which the design review district is combined shall be permitted.

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09.060       Uses permitted subject to Use Permit.

All uses permitted in the basic land use designation with which the design review district is combined shall be permitted, subject to securing a use permit.

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09.070       Permit issuance.

No permit shall be issued in any case where design review is required until the project complies with the established design review standards for the district.

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09.080       Appeals.

Appeals of any design review decision shall be made in conformance to the provisions of Ch. 47, Appeals.

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