Public and Quasi-Public Facilities (PF)

INTENT: The “PF” designation is intended to provide for a variety of public and quasi-public facilities and uses.


  • Grazing of horses, cattle, sheep and goats
  • Small-scale recreational uses (e.g., pack station)
  • Structure accessory to the above uses
  • Other uses permitted by the public landowner
  • Small-scale agriculture
  • Non-commercial composting facilities where the operation does not create a nuisance problem and has less than 100 cubic yards of material on site at any given time

Uses Permitted Subject to Director Review (Director Review Processing, Ch. 31)

  • Transfer facilities for waste management
  • Collection, sorting and transportation of recyclables

Uses Permitted Subject to Use Permit (Use Permit Processing, Ch. 32)

  • Large-scale recreational uses, including ski facilities, commercial concessions
  • Mining
  • Public utility buildings, structures and uses, including activity involved in the exploration, development, utilization and construction of hydroelectric and geothermal power plants
  • Other uses that may result in a potentially adverse environmental impact
  • Construction of an accessory building prior to construction of the main building
  • Waste processing, household hazardous waste management, and landfills gp
  • Cemeteries  gp
  • Airports, heliports, taxiways, and landing strips for aircraft  gp
  • Public facilities structures and uses, including but not limited to: County buildings, County road shops, community centers, parks, ball fields, schools, libraries, churches, museums, campground facilities  gp
  • Research facilities  c
  • Group homes, juvenile facilities, schools and similar facilities  c
  • Commercial composting facilities

Development Standards

Minimum Parcel Size:               None 

Minimum District Area:            None

Minimum Lot Dimensions:       None

Maximum Lot Coverage:          None  

Minimum Setbacks:                 None

Building Density: Proposed densities shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Community Development director.

Maximum Building Height:      None


  1. Uses may have been omitted from the list of those specified, hence the Commission may find other uses to be similar and not more obnoxious or detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare. See explanation of interpreting "similar uses" (Ch. 04, Uses not listed as permitted).


Land Development Regulations – 

Ch. 04             Development Standards – General

Ch. 06             Development Standards – Parking

Ch. 07             Development Standards – Signs

Table 04.010  Building Heights


c.         Clarification

gp.       General Plan addition