Sonora Junction

GOAL 5. Provide for orderly growth in the Sonora Junction area in a manner that recognizes the established military, residential, and recreational uses, and reduces potential conflicts between those uses.

Objective 5.A.

Protect the established military uses in the Sonora Junction area from encroachment.

Policy 5.A.1. Follow state guidelines relating to the notification of military when development projects and/or substantive General Plan Amendments may affect base operations.

Action 5.A.1.a. Create a local notification process by which the branches of the United States Armed Forces will be notified whenever a development project or substantial General Plan Amendment occurs within 1,000 feet of a military installation, Special Use Airspace, or low-level flight path.

Action 5.A.1.b. Amend permit review processes to include analysis of a project’s proximity to military installations, special use airspace and low-level flight paths.

Action 5.A.1.c. Reference the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Encroachment Zone map in determining project proximity.

Objective 5.B.

Encourage and facilitate the continued use of the Sonora Junction Area for recreational uses such as hiking, skiing, fishing, and snowmobiling

Policy 5.B.1. Support the continued development and use of the Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area (BWRA).

Action 5.B.1.a. Where possible, facilitate improvements that will enhance the winter recreation opportunities at Sonora Junction, including the creation of suitable parking areas and restrooms.

Action 5.B.1.b. Collaborate with the USFS and other agencies to minimize environmental impacts while retaining the recreational benefits of the BWRA.

Policy 5.B.2. Support efforts to enhance recreation opportunities in the Sonora Junction Area.

Action 5.B.2.a. Where possible, facilitate the placement of recreational signage throughout the Sonora Junction Area that notifies users of the multi-use nature of the region.

Objective 5.C.

Safeguard against potential impacts to sage grouse in all development activities.

Policy 5.C.1. Consider the location of sage grouse habitat and leks when processing development applications.

Action 5.C.1.a. Ensure project consistency with sage-grouse conservation and mitigation measures in the Conservation/Open Space Element.

Action 5.C.1.b. Work with landowners and recreational users to mitigate potential impacts to sage grouse and improve pursuant to policies in the Conservation/Open Space element.