County Road Closures

Information current as of 03/17/2023, 05:05 pm. Please check NWS for weather conditions and plan your travel accordingly.  We strive to keep this page up to date with storm and seasonal closures, but please also reference the snow removal link to review our snow removal policy and priorities.

Storm Closures - MONO COUNTY IS IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY. Please be aware that there is a large amount of equipment working to improve access in Mono County.  Please slowdown as you may encounter this equipment a any time.  You may also encounter berms, bumps, snow or ice due to the extreme winter conditions in our area:

Virginia Lakes Road:  Closed at 395

Saddlebag Lake Road: Closed (check Caltrans page for status of 120W)

Lundy Lake Road: Closed 1.25 Miles West of Hwy 395

​Upper Rock Creek Road: Closed

Lower Rock Creek Road: Open from 395 to Swall Meadows.  Detour from Swall Meadows to Paradise South

Crowley Lake Drive: Open

Benton Crossing Road: Closed

Twin Lakes Road: Open to Mono Village

Poole Power Plant Road: Closed

Hot Creek Road: Open

Owens River Road: Open

Substation Road: Open

Lakeview Drive: Open

Black Rock Mine Road: RESIDENTS ONLY

Crestview Drive: Open

Dawson Ranch Road: RESIDENTS ONLY


Rabbit Ranch Road: RESIDENTS ONLY

Yellow Jacket Road: RESIDENTS ONLY

Mill Canyon Road: Closed

Lee Vining Airport: Closed

Fish Slough Road: Closed from Van Loon Cutoff Road to Black Road Mine Road

Chidago Canyon  Road: Closed from Highway 6 to Fish Slough Road


NOTE: Many Forest Service roads ARE IMPASSIBLE in wheeled vehicles. Although certain sections of roads may be dry, large snow drifts exist in the upper elevations and shaded locations, and are impassable in wheeled vehicles. Check local weather forecasts before any visits to remote areas, and be prepared.

Actual road closures and activity will be updated periodically – please consider these notices as warnings, and plan accordingly. Contact the Town of Mammoth Lakes for the status of roads within the town's limits (760-934-8054). Currently, Mono County does not manage snow removal in that area.

Please check  for current information on the status of Caltrans maintained roads.  

Past Road Activities and Projects:

See Projects and Notices page.

If you'd like to report a hazardous road condition on county roads, call (760) 932-5440.
To report a hazardous condition on a State Highway, contact Caltrans at (760)872-0601. For current Caltrans Highway conditions go to or call them at 1-800-427-7623.