Public Works - Roads

Information current as of:  1/27/2021

Virginia Lakes Road:  Closed at lower parking lot 

Saddlebag Lake Road: Closed

Lundy Lake Road: Closed at lower gate 

Rock Creek Road: Closed at Toms Place

Twin Lakes Road: Open

Caltrans Update 

County Snow Removal near Tioga Pass

Currently the Department of Public Works Road Operations are responsible for 679.26 miles of county roadway, not including private roads or drives. The County's land area has been divided into five "road areas " which employ 3 or more employees each.  These employees maintain county roads by doing minor repairs and snow removal during the winter months. When a county road needs extensive repairs or when class 4 roads receive enough snow accumulation, those roads will be listed on the County's Road Closure web page.

Traffic Control Sign

Instructions for requesting authorization to Perform work within a County Right-of-Way or County Road (including mailbox installations)