Public Works - Roads

Information current as of:  Wednesday, 12/04/2019, 9:00 a.m.

Saddlebag Lake Road: Closed for the winter.

Bodie Road: The “Bodie Road” between US 395 and Bodie State Park is otherwise known as State Hwy 270, and is controlled by Caltrans. Please check for current information on the status of that road. As of May 9, 2019 this road has reopened.

Lundy Lake Road: Closed at 2nd Gate (at the dam)

County Snow Removal near Tioga Pass

Currently the Department of Public Works Road Operations are responsible for 684.42 miles of county roadway, not including private roads or drives. The County's land area has been divided into five "road areas " which employ 3 or more employees each.  These employees maintain county roads by doing minor repairs and snow removal during the winter months. When a county road needs extensive repairs or when class 4 roads receive enough snow accumulation, those roads will be listed on the County's Road Closure web page.

Traffic Control Sign

Instructions for requesting authorization to Perform work within a County Right-of-Way or County Road (including mailbox installations)

Listed under the Supporting Documents section below are Mono County Board of Supervisors Documents concerning the use of State and Federal Funding for Local Streets and Roads. For additional information on funding, the State of California Department of Finance maintains a web page concerning proposition 1B.

Frequently Asked Road Questions: