Encroachment Permit Package

Traffic Control Sign

Instructions for requesting authorization to Perform work within a County Right-of-Way or County Road (including mailbox installations)
For Encroachment Permit Application and examples, see supporting documents below. When complete, you may mail or drop-off the form and deposit at the either of the Permit Counters located at the Mammoth or Bridgeport Administrative Offices of the county. Incomplete forms and submittals may result in a delay in processing. Please make your check(s) payable to "Mono County". Typically encroachment permits are required for residential driveway construction along county maintained roads.

The Mono County Encroachment Permit deposit is currently $528.00 as of July, 2023. This is based upon an hourly rate of $132.00/hour, capped at 4 hours per residential unit. This deposit may be partially refunded if the full 4 hours of staff time to manage the permit is not used. For mailbox installations the fee is $12.00 as of July, 2023.

In addition to the staff time deposit, a security deposit is required per County Code. For most permits, this security deposit is $500.00, but can be higher depending upon the nature of work being completed. This security deposit is held to repair any damages that may happen to the road. If during final inspection it is determined by staff there are no damages to the county road, then the security deposit will be refunded.