5 - Year Road Capital Improvement Plan

The County of Mono’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is intended as a planning tool that identifies both the short- and long-term capital improvement needs of the County. The CIP’s objective is to align those needs with appropriate financing, scheduling, and implementation. This approach helps ensure a more fiscally responsible and efficient use of existing resources. The CIP represents a commitment to building a more resilient and vibrant future for county residents, workers, and visitors.


See below for a list of projects slated for completion by the year 2025


Bridgeport Courthouse Parking

Airport Road Rehabilitation

Long Valley Streets Rehabilitation (Substation Rd, Crowley Lake Pl, Meadow View Dr, Lake Manor Pl, Aspen Terrace, Delta Dr, Hilton Creek Dr, Hilton Creek Pl, Crowley lake Cr, Elderberry Ln, Placer Rd, Pearson Rd, Wildrose Dr, Sierra Springs Rd, Wheeler View Dr, Montana Rd, Mtn View Dr, Foothill Rd, with minor adjustments...)

Twin Lakes Road Maintenance

Rock Creek Road Drainage Repairs

Road Division Maintenance (Crack Sealing, etc.) - Project will support the 2021 Preservation Project.

Bridge CIP - Bundle 1 (Concrete Deck Treatment)

Bridge CIP - Bundle 2 (Asphalt Deck Treatment)

Bridge CIP - Bundle 3 (Repainting)

Bridge CIP Bundle 4 - Cunningham Lane and Larson Lane Repla

Virginia Lakes Road Maintenance

2021 Preservation Project (Rock Creek Rd, Mt Morrison Rd &

Convict Lake Rd Fog Seal & Stripe; Aspen Springs Ranch Rd, Gregory Lane, Larkspur Ln, Shanna Cr Slurry, Camp Antelope Rd, Patricia Ln, and others...)

Benton Crossing Road Maintenance - Phase 2

Antelope Valley Streets - Rehab (Pinenut Rd); Slurry/Chip (Larson Ln, Cunningham Ln, Topaz Ln, Offal Rd, Patricia Ln, Camp Antelope Rd)

Eastside Lane Rehabilitation - Phase 2

Benton Crossing Road Maintenance - Phase 3

Down Canyon June Lake ZOB Amendment & Road Rehab

For specific information on SB1, please go to the California Transportation Commission's SB1 web page.

Please note: this Web page will be updated periodically. More content to be added in 2023 on additional SB1 funded projects as set forth in Mono County's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).