Mostly responsible for developing plans & specifications for capital improvement projects, the Engineering Division of the Mono County Department of Public Works also performs the statutory duties of Airport Engineer, County Surveyor, and Floodplain Administrator for Mono County. In addition, the Engineering Division assists the Community Development Department with the review of land development projects.

As part of an ongoing overall Pavement Preservation Project, every two years paved county roads are field evaluated and rated on condition. Resulting data is then compiled and analyzed to determine priorities and best use of available funds to help maintain Mono County's most valuable asset, it's paved roads with an estimated value of $275,000,000. For information on current Requests for Qualifications (RFQ's), or Requests for Bids (RFB's) go to the county's Bid Management System website.


Two major facilities projects were started by Staff; the proposed South County Civic Center, and the Bridgeport Jail Project. Both projects have completed the early planning and design phases with anticipated project completion over the next few years. 
Other completed projects include:

  • Upper Summers Meadow Road Bridge Replacement - The 2017 winter's Run-off resulted in the bridge's collapse. Reconstruction was completed as of April 16, 2018. 
  • Systemic Safety Analysis Report (SSARP) - to be completed by the end of  June of 2018.
  • Highway Bridge Program Inventory Update - will provide bridge ratings and guidelines for upcoming bridge rehabilitation projects throughout Mono County.

FY 2018-2019
With funding assistance from Senate Bill 1 and STIP Grants (State Transportation Improvement Program) several road improvement projects will begin as listed on the Projects & Notices webpage

  • Eastside Lane Rehabilitation Project Phase 1 - portion from Larson Lane to beyond Cunningham Lane
  • County wide Fog Seal and Striping Project Phase 2 - Rock Creek Road and Convict Lake Road
  • Hackney Drive and Shop Road full-depth Rehabilitation Project
  • Mono City Streets Slurry Seal and road striping Project - includes pot-hole patching
  • Benton Crossing Road Slurry Seal and Road Striping Project Phase 1

FY 2019-2020
Working with county road staff along with the assistance of contracted surveyors and construction crews, the Engineering Division will oversee completion of the following;

  • Rock Creek Road and Convict Lake Road Fog Seal & Stripe
  • Long Valley Streets Rehabilitation
  • Twin Lakes Road Maintenance
  • Bridgeport Courthouse Parking