Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Road Questions:

How can I tell if a road is a county maintained road?
See the alphabetical list of county maintained roads document link below or on the maintained mileage map at this web address:

What is the difference between a County road, a public road, and a private road?

County Road.  A County road is a road which has been accepted by formal resolution of the Board of Supervisors into the County road system.  County roads are maintained by the County. 

Public Road.  A public road is a road that has been offered for dedication (either explicitly such as on a map or other written document or implicitly by the property owner) and which has been “accepted” as a public road by virtue of public use or by formal resolution of the Board.  Public roads are not County roads unless and until they are also accepted into the County road system by resolution of the Board.  The County does not maintain public roads that have not been accepted into the County road system, except under contract.
Private Road.  A private road is a road which either has never been offered for dedication or which was offered for dedication but never accepted as a County or a public road, and has not otherwise been terminated or abandoned.  There is a substantial amount of dedicated right-of-way in Mono County that has never been accepted by the County.  Whether it has been “accepted” by public use and thus become a public road is a question only a court can answer.