Mono County Jail Project (Under Construction)

Aerial (rendering)

In 2017, Mono County obtained a grant from the California “Board of State and Community Corrections” (BSCC) for $25,000,000 to build a new jail in Bridgeport, California.

To date, Mono County has worked to complete the required site due diligence, and worked with the State Public Works Board and the BSCC to obtain project establishment. (October 2022).

Mono County hired Lionakis, an expert in Corrections facility design, to design the jail and final site improvements.

Mono County hired Kitchell to act as the county’s representative in the construction process as a construction manager. They will stay on until the end of the project and perform the commissioning process, which verifies all building operations.

Mono County Public Works will provide a recurring update on the Mono County Jail Project at the first Board of Supervisors Meeting each month.

Construction Schedule (subject to change)

2021       Jan 1     Site due diligence began (COMPLETED)

2022      Jan 1     Began removal of existing Medical equipment and stored materials (COMPLETED)

2022      Nov 1    Mono County Board Item - Hazardous Materials Removal (COMPLETED)

2022      Nov 8   Mono County Board Item – Presentation and Budget adjustments (COMPLETED)

2023      May 1    Haz Mat removal begins

2023      Aug 1     Utility relocation begins

2023      Sep 1     Building demolition begins

2023      Oct 1     Begin site soil preparation

2023      Oct 20  Mono County Board Item -  bid package for building construction

2024      Feb 26  Begin construction

2025      Nov 10   Building completion, commissioning, and transition from existing jail facility

2025      Dec 1     New Jail fully operational (GOAL)

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SW Perspective (rendering)