Bridgeport Cemetery

Photo of Bridgeport Cemetery

Bridgeport Cemetery

576 Aurora Canyon Road

Bridgeport, California  93517

(760) 932-5440



The Bridgeport Cemetery is located just a short distance easterly from the middle of town.  The cemetery site overlooks Bridgeport Valley and has a pristine view of the Sawtooth Mountains to the west. Originally it was located within the Bridgeport Townsite near the Community Center and park. Starting in the 1880's through to the mid 1930's it was relocated to it's current location, where it contains the gravesites of the area's historic early settlers and pioneers. Historic Plot Maps of that original cemetery are available in the links below. For current mapping contact Public Works Staff. 

For general internment information and current fees, see the cemetery main page.  Available Plots are measured in 5’x10’ increments.