The Board of Supervisors enacted Ordinance 06-04 providing property tax relief for owners who have suffered property damage due to major disaster or individual misfortune.

Property owners may apply for a reassessment under this ordinance for any damage or destruction not the fault of the property owner. The written application may be filed within 12 months of the misfortune or calamity.  If your property has suffered $10,000 or more in damage, please download and complete the Calamity Form.


Proposition 8 Informal Assessment Review

Decline in market value.

No Fee is Required to Have Your Property Value Reviewed 
There are many private firms sending advertisements to our residential property owners, advising them that, for a fee ranging from $100.00 to $180.00 or more, they can get their property taxes lowered. This is a service that is provided free by the Assessor.

The Assessor anticipates reviewing around 4,500 properties for a reduction in value. The large number of properties on a reduced value status requires the Assessor to perform this review for each January 1st. If the market value is lower than the property owner’s factored base year value, the Assessor is required to place the lower of the two values on the assessment roll. The review will be automatic. If you feel your value is too high, please contact us at 760-932-5510 or fill out and return the Informal Assessment Review form (available from the link below). The Assessor's Office is committed to producing a correct assessment roll for all Mono County property owners.


View the current Assessor's data online at Assessor Data Inquiry. You can look up assessed values and limited property charateristics here.

Proposition 13 is a Constitutional amendment that limits the valuation and taxation of property in California. It was passed by the voters in June, 1978. Under Proposition 13, real property is reappraised only when a change in ownership occurs, or when new construction takes place. A change in ownership occurs when there is a transfer of property, whether the transfer is a purchase, a gift, an inheritance, a foreclosure, the addition or deletion of an owner, or any other means. New construction is any improvement to property that is not normal maintenance.

Proposition 13 restricts both the tax rate and the rate of increase in valuation of real property as follows:

  • The maximum amount of property tax cannot exceed 1% of a property's taxable value, plus bonds approved by the voters, service fees, improvement bonds and special assessments.
  • A property's original base value is its 1975-76 market value. This value is automatically increased by a maximum of 2% annually (or less if the California consumer price index (CPI) is less than 2%). A new base value is set whenever there is a change in ownership or new construction. This base value is also increased by a maximum of 2% each year (factored base year value).


If you do not agree with the Assessor’s opinion of value, you have the right to formally appeal your property tax assessment. To do this, you’ll need to contact the Mono County Clerk-Recorder’s Office at (760) 932-5530 and ask for an ‘Assessment Appeal Application’ or download the form below, complete the form, and take it to the Clerk-Recorder's Office. You must file the Assessment Appeal Application between July 2nd and November 30th. You will then have the opportunity to present your case in front of the Assessment Appeals Board at a later date.

Taxable Possessory Interests

A taxable possessory interest may exist whenever there is a private, beneficial use of publicly-owned non-taxable real property.  Such interests are typically found where private individuals, companies, or corporations lease, rent, or use federal, state, or local government owned facilities and/or land for their own beneficial use.