Informal Assessment Review

Proposition 8 Informal Assessment Review

Decline in market value.

No Fee is Required to Have Your Property Value Reviewed 
There are many private firms sending advertisements to our residential property owners, advising them that, for a fee ranging from $100.00 to $180.00 or more, they can get their property taxes lowered. This is a service that is provided free by the Assessor.

The Assessor anticipates reviewing around 2,500 properties for a reduction in value. The large number of properties on a reduced value status requires the Assessor to perform this review for each January 1st. If the market value is lower than the property owner’s factored base year value, the Assessor is required to place the lower of the two values on the assessment roll. The review will be automatic. If you feel your value is too high, please contact us at 760-932-5510 or fill out and return the Informal Assessment Review form (available from the link below). The Assessor's Office is committed to producing a correct assessment roll for all Mono County property owners.