Assessment Appeals Board


For information about appealing an assessment notice or bill, please see the Resources tab. 

If you recently received an assessment notice or bill and have questions concerning the notice/bill, we suggest you contact the Mono County Assessor's Office (760) 932-5510. A representative from that office will be able to answer your questions relative to the purpose of the notice/bill, value, and your rights concerning an informal review. The time to file an appeal is not tolled while someone is seeking informal review by the Assessor's office.

Please Note: Contacting the Assessor's Office does not itself constitute an appeal and that the statutory deadlines for filing a timely appeal with the Clerk's Office are not tolled or extended while a taxpayer communicates with the Assessor's Office.  You may wish to consult your own attorney for advice regarding the deadlines and other requirements for filing an appeal.