The Public Works Department oversees the maintenance and operations of three public cemeteries within Mono County.  Those cemeteries are the Bridgeport CemeteryMt. Morrison Cemetery, and the Mono Lake Cemetery.  A program to document, update mapping, and mark plots to modern standards is presently in progress. We ask for the public's patience while this program is underway and is finalized. See page below for related information on Mono County Cemeteries fees, forms, and checklists. 

Plot Reservations Checklist

First contact Public Works for a list of available plots. Please specify which Cemetery and mapping if necessary. Requests for an on-site appointment are limited to staff availability and within office hours only. To request a Plot Reservation, submit the following items:

  1. Plot Conveyance Form. Incomplete forms will result in processing delays. If a plot number and/or location is not specified, staff can assign one for you.
  2. A check payable to “Mono County”. See Cemetery Fee & Definitions for specifics (Resident, Non-Resident, etc.). Upon receiving payment, we will issue you a receipt and confirmation of the reservation. Per county code, we cannot hold a reservation for a specific cemetery plot location without payment.
  3. Please mail or deliver with payment to the following address:

Mono County Dept. of Public Works
P.O. Box 457
74 North School Street
Bridgeport, CA 93517

Interment Checklist - if no reservation has been previously made, include the above checklist

It is the responsibility of the plot requester, person / mortuary handling funeral arrangements to contact Public Works to arrange to have the grave site opened and closed.  

The following tasks are your responsibility. Please plan your interment and family ceremony commitments accordingly. Forms are to be filled out and submitted to Public Works’ Staff prior to interment (County Code 7.32.090):

  1. Interment Authorization Form – incomplete forms may be returned and will result in processing delays. Indicating the date of internment is important for staff to coordinate the scheduling of plot marking.
  2. Disposition of Remains Form – issued by a mortuary or crematorium. Another copy is to be submitted to the Mono County Public Health Department. Contact their main office in Mammoth Lakes: 760-924-1830.  
  3.  Death Certificate – issued by the county or municipality where the death occurred. You need to contact that county's clerk-recorder’s office. In some cases, a Death Certificate is delayed due to an autopsy investigation.
  4. Prior to any burial occurring, all forms should be sent via Public Works' email or by US Mail to P. O. Box 457, 74 North School Street, Bridgeport, CA, 93517 . In most cases, an agent or officer from Public Works must mark plot perimeter prior to any work to be performed.   
  5. Once the burial is complete, a temporary marker is required. Mono County does not provide temporary markers, so plan on purchasing or creating one prior to interment. A permanent marker can be placed at time of interment avoiding the need for a temporary marker. 
  6. Monument Headstone Authorization Form. A permanent Marker or headstone is required within 12 months of interment. Public Works' Staff can assist in marking the site for the placement of a permanent marker/Headstone.

For cremated remains, the excavation may be dug by the family. The hole must be at least 24” deep, with at least 18” of cover above urn/ashes. Due to ground settlement after interment, plan on bringing a bucket of sand or soil to create a mound. It is also recommended to have a tarp or sheet of wood handy for piling any excavated dirt.

Mono County does not have a device on-site at each cemetery for lowering caskets. You should plan to borrow or rent one at a local Mortuary or other private cemetery. County Staff does not make those arrangements on your behalf.

Public Information Requests

As responsible keepers of vital information, Public Works’ Staff is obligated to protect the privacy of certain records as set forth in county and state statutes. All requests are to be in written form via email or US Mail. Expect that requests for specific grave site locations and hard copy verifications may take many days to process. All inquires must contain the reason for the request along with complete contact information. Whatever additional information you can provide beyond the name(s) of the deceased will help expedite your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does county staff need to be present during an interment?
A: No. However, all the forms are to be submitted prior to interment to comply with public records requirements per County Code section 7.32.030.

Q: Do I need to contact another Mono County department for an interment or burial?
A: Yes, a copy of the Disposition of Remains (from Mortuary or coroner) is needed to be filed with the Public Health Dept. Contact the main office in Mammoth Lakes: 760-924-1830. A fee applies for updating those vital records.

Q: I want to send flowers to a grave site within a county cemetery, how do I arrange that?
A: There is no on-site county staff at the cemetery, so delivery services might not be able to leave flowers at the grave. Currently all the county cemeteries do not have an on-site map or adequate row/plot markings. If the headstone has been installed, you can contact Public Works’ staff for a specific plot location map, and then you can make plans for deliveries with florists.

Q: How do I get a Veteran’s headstone, marker or medallion?
A: Mono County does not provide that service, however information and eligibility for a free headstone can be found at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & National Cemetery Administration website; https://www.cem.va.gov/cem/hmm/index.asp 

Q: Once a headstone, marker or medallion is obtained, can Mono County Staff perform the installation?
A: Unfortunately no, Mono County Staff cannot install headstones. This service can be done by a private contractor, a friend of the family, or possibly by a member of the deceased’s family.

Photo of Bridgeport Cemetery

Located just a short distance easterly from the middle of town, this cemetery site overlooks Bridgeport Valley and has a pristine view of the Sawtooth Mountains to the west. Originally it was located within the Bridgeport Townsite near the Community Center and park. Starting in the 1880's through to the mid 1930's it was relocated to it's current location, where it contains the gravesites of the area's historic early settlers and pioneers.

Mono Lake Cemetery

Located approximately seven miles north of Lee Vining near the north shore of Mono Lake,  this cemetery sits above the lake over looking one of the most beautiful and unique places in the Eastern Sierra.

Mt. Morrison

Located approximately five miles south of the junction of State Route 203 and US Highway 395, it is just south of the Mammoth Yosemite Airport on Mt. Morrison Road. Cemetery views include a vista of Long Valley  and along the base of the Sherwin Mountain Range.