County Surveyor

The County Surveyor is responsible for review and approval of subdivision maps (Tract Maps and Parcel Maps) in the unincorporated areas of Mono County. Additional responsibilities include checking Records of Survey Maps and Corner Records within both unincorporated territory and incorporated areas (within the Town of Mammoth Lakes). Currently Mono County has contracted with Lumos and Associates for these County Surveyor services.


  1. A California Licensed Civil Engineer or Land Surveyor can submit 1st submittal draft map sheets, reference documents and closure calculations in “pdf” file format via the Public Works email ( If you prefer, you can send it all by snail mail. Only one plot set is needed.
  2. Pay the required fee* of $800. The fees can be paid by check, or online by credit card (there is a 2.38% (of the total amount) service charge for payments by credit card) or by e-check which there is no service fee for. You can pay online here: If paying online please select the "Public Works Fee" tab and make sure to note your name and record of survey title.  You can also pay by check(made out to “Mono County” or “Mono County Department of Public Works”) to P.O. Box 457, 74 North School St., Bridgeport, CA 93517. Once received the submittal is complete. Note that the project is billed at $132/hr.
  3. Engineering Staff then assigns a map tracking number, creates an official project folder, and then forwards the submittal package on to our contracted County Surveyor.
  4. The County Surveyor will then contact you once the 1st technical review is complete, and can send comments back via email within 20 business days of submittal completion.
  5. Once the County Surveyor is satisfied with map content, he will contact you “to go to mylar”. At this point you send the signed and stamped mylar(s) directly to our contracted County Surveyor along with a check for the recorder’s fee*. The map recorder’s fee is $9 for the first sheet, and $3 for each additional sheet. Plus as of January 2018, SB2 creates an additional fee of $75 per parcel (max. $225). Make the recording fee check payable to “Mono County” or “Mono County Recorder”.
  6. If the review and processing time exceeds the deposit (beyond 5 hours), the Public Works dept./Finance Dept. generates an invoice for your project. Once verification of payment is made, County Staff will help process the map recordation, and email you back the recorded map. Typically one-sheet reviews do not require an invoice beyond deposit.

*Public Agencies are exempt from our recording fees per Gov. Code Sec. 6103, but must state such on the document to be recorded. Technical review fees can only be waived by Board of Supervisor’s action.


  1. When a record of Survey Map is not required by law, a Corner Record can be used to document the replacement of a missing or damaged corner marker.
  2. Using the form provided in the link below, a California Licensed Civil Engineer or Land Surveyor can submit a draft Corner Record, in “pdf” file format via the Public Works email ( Initial Corner record submittals can also be sent to Public Works via U.S. Mail, UPS or FedEx. Currently there are no fees for submittal or filing of Corner Records with Mono County.
  3. Once received, the corner record is assigned a tracking number, and is sent by Public Works' Staff to the County Surveyor for review. After the review and any needed corrections are done, the Corner Record should be printed onto card stock.
  4. Next the "record" needs to signed and stamped by both the licensed preparer and the County Surveyor. After that is done, the original card stock version needs to be sent to the Bridgeport Public Works' Office for filing. 

The fee for County Surveyor review of Final Tract and Parcel Maps is $800.00 as of July 1, 2023.

Scans of recorded Records of Survey, Tract Maps and Parcel Maps are available at the Clerk Recorder's Office in Bridgeport and/or online. If accessing online, scroll to the bottom of the GeoData Portal Page to the Archived Maps Browser, and then use the "Catalog to Browse" pull-down menu to select "Record Map Archive". Scans of Corner Records are also available within the Record Map Archive files.