Chapter 02- Definitions



02.010          Context and General terminology.

02.020          Abutting.

02.030          Accessory.

02.031          Accessory dwelling unit.

02.040          Acreage.

                    (a) gross acreage.

                    (b) net acreage.

02.050          Adjacent.

02.060          Agriculture.

02.070          Airport.

02.080          Alley.

02.090          Alquist-Priolo Geologic Hazard Zone Act.

02.110          Animal hospital, large.

02.120          Animal hospital, small.

02.130          Apartment.

02.140          Automobile wrecking yard.

02.150          Bed-and-Breakfast.

02.160          Block.

02.170          Buffer.

02.180          Building.

02.190          Building, accessory.

02.195          Building, envelope.

02.200          Building, main.

02.210          Building, site.

02.220          Business.

02.230          Campground.

02.240          Carport.

02.250          Cattle feed yard.

02.260          Cemetery.

02.270          Club.

02.280          Combining district.

02.290          Cluster development.

02.300          Conversion of existing residential facilities to other uses.

02.310         (a) Condominium, commercial.

                    (b) Condominium, industrial.

                    (c) Condominium, residential.

                    (d) Condominium, hotel.

02.320          Contiguous.

02.330          Consistency.

02.340          Country club.

02.350          Court.

02.360          Density.

02.370          Design.

02.375          Designation.

02.380          Design Review Committee.

02.390          Development agreements.

02.400          Deviation.

02.410          District area.

02.420          Dorm.

02.430          Duplex.

02.440          Dwelling.

02.450          Dwelling, multifamily.

02.460          Dwelling, one family.

02.470          Environmental impact.

02.480          Factory-built housing.

02.490          Family.

02.500          Farm labor quarters.

02.510          Findings.

02.520          Floor area ratio.

02.530          Garage, private.

02.540          Garage, public.

02.550          Golf course.

02.560          Guesthouse.

02.570          Grade, natural.

02.580          Height of building.

02.590          Home occupation.

02.620          Hotel.

02.630          Hotel, resort.

02.640          Industrial park.

02.650          Infrastructure.

02.660          Joint-use parking.

02.670          Junkyard.

02.680          Kennel.

                       (a) Kennel, private.

                       (b) Kennel, commercial.

02.690          Kitchen.

02.700          Land Development Technical Advisory Committee.

02.705          Land use designation.

02.710          Landscaping.

02.720          Lot.

02.730          Lot coverage.

02.740          Lot, double frontage.

02.750          Lot depth.

02.760          Lot width.

02.770          Manufactured housing.

02.780          Manufactured housing subdivision.

02.790          Mobile home.

02.800          Mobile-home display units.

02.810          Mobile-home park.

02.820          Modular.

02.830          Model home or unit, temporary.

02.840          Motel.

02.850          Nonconforming.

02.860          Nurseries.

02.870          Open space.

02.880          Outdoor sales.

02.890          Overlay district.

02.900          Parking space.

02.910          Parking, underground structure.

02.912          Permitted use.

02.915          Pool.

02.920          Poultry farms.

02.930          Professional office.

02.940          Public buildings and uses.

02.950          Public utility buildings, structures and uses.

02.960          Quasi-public buildings and uses.

02.970          Recreational vehicles.

02.980          Recreational-vehicle park.

02.990          Scenic Highway.

02.1000        Scenic Highway Corridor.

02.1010        Screening.

02.1020        Service station.

02.1030        Setback line, street.

02.1040        Sign.

02.1045        Site disturbance.

02.1050        Site plan.

02.1060        Site plan review.

02.1063        Small-scale agriculture.

02.1065        Snow-storage area.

02.1070        Social care facility.

02.1080        Special event.

02.1090        Stable, private.

02.1100        Stable, public.

02.1110        Street line.

02.1120        Street, public.

02.1121        Strip commercial.

02.1130        Structural alterations.

02.1140        Structure.

02.1150        Subdivision.

02.1160        Substandard lot.

02.1165        Supportive housing.

02.1170        Temporary use.

02.1180        Time-share project.

02.1190        Time-share estate.

02.1200        Time-share use.

02.1201        Tract housing.

02.1210        Transient rental.

02.1215        Transitional housing.

02.1220        Travel trailer.

02.1230        Use.

02.1240        Use, accessory.

02.1250        Yard.

02.1260        Yard, front.

02.1270        Yard, rear.

02.1280        Yard, side.






02.010     Context and General terminology.

The terms and definitions contained in this chapter shall be used to assist in interpreting the provisions of the Land Development Regulations only.


When not inconsistent with the context, words used in the present tense include the future; words in the singular number include the plural, those in the plural number include the singular; "or" includes "and,” and "and" includes "or.”

  1. "Commission" means the Planning Commission of Mono County.
  2. "County boundary" means the boundary of Mono County.
  3. "Division" means the Planning Division.
  4. “Director” means the Director of Community Development In the case of Minor Variances pursuant to section 01.041, the Director shall serve in a capacity similar to the zoning administrator as defined in Government Code section 65901.”
  5. "Federal" means the government of the United States of America.
  6. "Used" includes "arranged for, designed for, occupied or intended to be occupied for.”

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02.020     Abutting.

"Abutting" means having a common border.

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02.030     Accessory building or use.

"Accessory building or use" means a subordinate building or use incidental to that of the main building or main use on the same lot.

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02.031     Accessory dwelling unit

“Accessory dwelling unit” means a secondary residential unit located on the same parcel as the primary residential unit. It provides complete, independent living facilities for one or more persons. It includes permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation. It can be either attached to or detached from the existing residential unit, dependent on the lot or parcel size (see Ch. 16, Development Standards – Accessory Dwelling Units).

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02.040     Acreage.

  1. Acreage, gross. "Gross acreage" means the total lot or parcel area as determined through calculations based on the recorded legal description for the subject property.
  2. Acreage, net. "Net acreage" means the total lot or parcel area remaining after existing and/or proposed rights of way have been excluded.

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02.050     Adjacent.

"Adjacent" means near, close or abutting; e.g., a retail business district across the street or highway from a residential district shall be considered as "adjacent.”

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02.060     Agriculture.

"Agriculture" means the art , science or practice of farming , including the cultivation and harvesting of crops and rearing and management of livestock; tillage; husbandry;; horticulture; aquaculture and forestry, the science and art of the production of plants and animals useful to man.

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02.070     Airport.

"Airport" means any area that is intended and used for the regular taking off and landing of conventional aircraft, including helicopters, and any appurtenant areas that are used or are intended to be used for airport buildings or facilities, including open spaces, taxiways and "tie-down" areas.

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02.080     Alley.

"Alley" means a passage or way open to public travel, affording a secondary means of vehicular access to abutting lots and not intended for general traffic circulation.

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02.090     Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Land Use Designations and Land Development Regulations Act.

"Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Land Use Designations and Land Development Regulations Act": Also known as the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zones as of January 1994, its purpose is to provide for public safety in hazardous fault zones. The Act requires the delineation of potential damage areas, called "Special Studies Zones,” along known active faults throughout California. It requires local governments to withhold approval of construction permits in those zones until geologic investigation has determined that the site is not threatened by surface displacement from future faulting.

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02.110     Animal hospital, large.

"Animal hospital, large" means any premises used for the treatment, care, boarding, and grooming of large or small animals, and not conducted wholly within a building.

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02.120     Animal hospital, small.

"Animal hospital, small" means any premises used for the treatment, care, boarding, and grooming of dogs, cats and similar size animals, with all operations being conducted wholly within a building unless otherwise specified in the use permit.

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02.130     Apartment.

"Apartment" means a room or suite of two or more rooms forming a residence, typically in a building containing more than one of these.

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02.140     Automobile wrecking yard.

"Automobile wrecking yard" means the same as junkyard.

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02.150     Bed-and-Breakfast.

"Bed-and-Breakfast” establishment means a transient dwelling other than a hotel or dorm where lodging and meals are provided for compensation. Further, no meal service may be provided other than for guests staying on the premises.

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02.160     Block.

"Block" means that property abutting on one side of a street and lying between the two nearest intersecting or intercepting streets or nearest intersecting or intercepting streets, unsubdivided acreage, watercourse or body of water.

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02.170     Buffer.

"Buffer" means a strip of land established to separate incompatible or different land uses. Normally a buffer area is landscaped and retained as open space. The term may be used more broadly to describe any area that separates two unlike land uses, such as multifamily housing between single-family housing and commercial uses.

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02.180     Building.

"Building" means any structure built for the support, shelter or enclosure of any person, animal, or for storage.

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02.190     Building, accessory.

"Building, accessory" means a subordinate building, the use of which is incidental to that of a main building on the same building site.

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02.195    Building, envelope.

“Building Envelope” mean a three dimensional zone that limits the extents of a building in any direction.

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02.200     Building, main.

"Building, main" means a building in which is conducted the principal use of the building site upon which it is located. In any residential district, any dwelling shall be deemed to be a main building on the building site upon which it is located.

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02.210     Building site.

"Building site" means a parcel of land occupied or intended to be occupied by one building or group of buildings and uses customarily accessory and incidental thereto, including such open spaces as are provided or are intended to be used in connection therewith or are required by the regulations for the district wherein such parcel is located.

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02.220     Business.

"Business" means the retail or wholesale sale, provision of service, or handling of any article, substance or commodity for profit or livelihood

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02.230     Campground.

"Campground" means land that is used or intended for use, or to be let or rented for occupancy by campers on a temporary basis without provisions for electrical or sanitary hookups at individual campsites.

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02.240     Carport.

"Carport" means an accessible and usable covered space of not less than the required dimensions for a parking space for the storage of automobiles. Carports shall be located to meet the setback and building height requirements of the land use designations and, land development regulations.

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02.250     Cattle feed yard.

"Cattle feed yard" means any premises on which cattle are held or maintained for the purpose of feeding and fattening for market and where 60% or more of the feed for such cattle is imported or purchased.

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02.260     Cemetery.

"Cemetery" means land used or intended to be used for the burial of the dead and dedicated for cemetery purposes, including columbariums, crematoriums, mausoleums and mortuaries when operated in conjunction with and within the boundary of such cemetery.

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02.270     Club.

"Club" means an association of persons (whether incorporated or not) religious or otherwise, for a common purpose, but not including groups organized primarily to render a service carried on as a business for profit.

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02.280     Combining district.

“Combining districts” are intended to provide an additional mechanism that can more precisely portray unique constraints or opportunities and may be applied to the underlying base designation (e.g., SFR, ER, AG, etc.). To establish a combining district the procedures outlined Chapter 48, Amendments, shall be followed.

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02.290     Cluster development.

"Cluster development" means the concentration of detached single-family residences onto smaller lots than ordinarily permitted by the base designation (e.g., ER, SFR, etc.), or onto commonly owned lots, while not exceeding the permitted density for the total acreage being considered. This permits optimum use of the land; i.e., responding to site constraints by clustering away from the area of sensitivity, yet not decreasing the allowable density.

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02.300     Conversion of existing residential facilities to other uses.

"Conversion of existing residential facilities to other uses" means single-family or multifamily developments or apartments and mobile-home parks that are converted to another use, including the conversion to no use or cessation of use as residential facilities.

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02.310 (a)  Condominium, commercial.

"Condominium, commercial" is an estate in real property consisting of an undivided interest in common in a portion of a parcel of real property together with a separate interest in space in a building used for commercial purposes such as offices and stores.

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02.310 (b)  Condominium, industrial.

"Condominium, industrial" is an estate in real property consisting of an undivided interest in common in a portion of a parcel of real property together with a separate interest in space in a building used for industrial purposes such as manufacture, and assembly.

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02.310 (c)   Condominium, residential.

"Condominium, residential" is an estate in real property consisting of an undivided interest in common in a portion of a parcel of real property together with a separate interest in space in a building used as a residence.

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02.310 (d)   Condominium, hotel.

"Condominium, hotel" means an estate in real property consisting of an undivided interest in common in a portion of a parcel of real property together with a separate interest in space in a building used for vacation residence. A "condo-hotel" may or may not contain cooking facilities. Further, all development requirements part of a residential condominium shall be requirements of a condo-hotel. (Exception: If this is for financing purposes as specified in a Development Agreement or other agreed upon mechanism for a "hotel,” these requirements shall not apply).

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02.320     Contiguous.

"Contiguous" means in actual close contact; touching; bounded or traversed by. Property shall be considered as contiguous units, even if it is separated by roads, streets or easements.

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02.330     Consistency.

"Consistency" means a review to ensure that all plans and actions conform to guidelines of this General Plan and Area General Plans.

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02.340     Country club.

"Country club" means the land area and buildings containing recreational facilities, clubhouse, and usual accessory uses, open only to members and their guests for a membership fee.

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02.350     Court.

"Court" means open, unoccupied space, other than a yard, on the same lot with a building or group of buildings and that is bounded on two or more sides by such buildings or structures.

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02.360     Density.

"Density" means the ratio of dwelling units to net acreage.

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02.370     Design.

"Design" means:  1) street alignments, grades and widths; 2) drainage and sanitary facilities and utilities, including alignments and grades thereof; 3) location and size of all required easements and rights of way; 4) fire roads and firebreaks; 5) lot size and configuration; 6) traffic access; 7) grading; 8) land to be dedicated for park or recreational purposes; and 9) such other specific physical requirements in the plan and configuration of a project as may be necessary to ensure consistency with or implementation of the General Plan, or any applicable specific plan.

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02.375     Designation

“Designation” means “Land Use Designation” (defined below).

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02.380     Design Review Committee.

"Design Review Committee (DRC)" means a person or persons appointed by the Board of Supervisors to review all applications for commercial structures, multifamily development, signs, and/or other new construction as defined by the DRC within a defined design review district. See also Land Use Element, Chapter 9.

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02.390     Development agreement.

"Development agreement" means a contract or agreement whereby the County is authorized to enter into an agreement with developers that set forth the rules that will govern a development as it proceeds through the approval process. A development agreement must specify the time during which the County agrees not to change its regulations, and may also include any other terms and conditions including time schedules for development or additional public services and facilities to be provided by the developer.

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02.400     Deviation.

"Deviation" means authorized variances from required distances, setbacks, areas or physical improvements.

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02.410     District area.

"District area" means all land area within a specific land use designation. For instance, the SFR district area in a specific community may contain 50 acres. Acreage for any district area is calculated based on all contiguous property in a single land use designation.

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02.420     Dorm.

"Dorm" means a transient lodging other than a hotel/motel, bed-and-breakfast or single- family residence. A dorm usually contains common sleeping, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

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02.430     Duplex.

"Duplex" means a building designed or used exclusively for the occupancy of two families living independently of each other and having separate kitchen and toilet facilities for each family.

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02.440     Dwelling.

"Dwelling" means a structure or portion thereof designed and used exclusively for residential occupancy and permitted home occupations, but not including hotels, motels, dorms, travel trailers, or tents.

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02.450     Dwelling, multifamily.

"Dwelling, multifamily" means a building designed or used for occupancy by three or more families, all living independently of each other and having separate kitchen and toilet facilities for each family.

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02.460     Dwelling, one family.

"Dwelling, one-family" or “single family” means a detached building designed or used exclusively for the occupancy of one family and having kitchen and toilet facilities for only one family.

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02.470     Environmental impact.

"Environmental impact" means projected long- or short-term effects (adverse or beneficial) that a development project or plan may have on the natural and built environment if the project is carried out.

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02.480     Factory-built housing.

"Factory-built housing" means a residential building, dwelling unit, or an individual dwelling room, or combination of rooms thereof, or building component, assembly, or system manufactured in such a manner that all concealed parts or processes of manufacture cannot be inspected before installation at the building site without disassembly, damage, or destruction of the part, including units designed for use as part of an institution for resident or patient care, which is either wholly manufactured or is in substantial part manufactured at an off-site location to be wholly or partially assembled on site in accordance with building standards published in the State Building Standards Code and other regulations adopted by the Commission pursuant to Section 19990. Factory-built housing does not include a mobile home, as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 18008, mobile accessory building or structure, as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 18010, a recreational vehicle, as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 18010.5, or a commercial coach, as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 18012 (see Health and Safety Code Section 19971).

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02.490     Family.

"Family" means a person or persons living together as a single housekeeping unit in a dwelling unit.

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02.500     Farm-labor quarters.

"Farm-labor quarters" means rooming or boarding houses, bunkhouses, trailers, mobile homes or mess halls for any number of farm laborers customarily employed principally on land owned or leased by the person or persons engaged in the agricultural enterprise, and located on the premises. Farm labor quarters also means farm labor housing where two or fewer families are provided living quarters or housing accommodations.

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02.510     Findings.

"Findings" mean a set of conclusions that are required before specified permits, deviations, ordinance changes or other entitlements may be granted.

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02.515     Flag lot.

"Flag lot" means a lot with two distinct parts: 1) The “flag” that is the building site; and 2) The “pole” that provides access and street frontage. See Section 04.310.

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02.520     Floor area ratio.

"Floor area ratio" means the ratio of gross (e.g., including halls, restrooms, storage areas) floor area to total lot area expressed as a fraction.

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02.530     Garage, private.

"Garage, private" means a detached accessory building or a portion of the main building on the same lot as a dwelling for the storage of vehicles of occupants of the dwelling.

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02.540     Garage, public.

"Garage, public" means any premises, except those defined in this chapter as a private garage, used for the storage and/or repair of motor vehicles, or where any such vehicles are equipped for operation or repair (i.e., tow trucks), or kept for remuneration, hire or sale.

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02.550     Golf course.

"Golf course" means a golf course with a minimum of nine holes, none of which shall be less than a three par.

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02.560     Guesthouse.

"Guesthouse" means an accessory use to a residence that may contain living and sleeping spaces, including bathrooms, but not facilities for the cooking of food.

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02.570     Grade, natural.

"Grade, natural" means the incline of the surface of earth along a continuous slope before its alteration by the works of man (including any interim grading, whether authorized or not).

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02.580     Height of building.

"Height of building" means the vertical distance from grade to the topmost point of the building, but excluding certain features as specified in Section 04.110 as set forth in subsection A and B of that section. All height shall be calculated from the natural or finished grade, whichever is more restrictive.

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02.590     Home occupation.

"Home occupation" means any use that can be carried on within a dwelling by the inhabitants thereof and that is clearly incidental and secondary to the residential use of the dwelling, See section 04.290

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02.620     Hotel.

"Hotel" means a facility, other than a bed & breakfast, with guest rooms or suites, with or without kitchen facilities, rented to the general public for transient lodging. Hotels typically include a variety of services in addition to lodging, for example, restaurants, meeting facilities, personal services, etc.

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02.630     Hotel, resort.

"Hotel, resort" means a hotel with accessory recreational components, as well as service uses designed primarily for the convenience of guests.

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02.640     Industrial park.

"Industrial park" means a single parcel or group of parcels of land designated to provide for a combination of light and moderate industrial uses that do not in their maintenance, assembly, manufacture, or plant operation create smoke, gas, odor, dust, sound, vibration, soot or lighting to a degree that might be obnoxious or offensive to persons conducting a business in this or any adjacent district. Where applicable, the provisions outlined in Nuisances and Hazards, Section 04.250 shall apply.

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02.650     Infrastructure.

"Infrastructure" means the basic utilities and services necessary to support development; e.g., sewer, water and roads.

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02.660     Joint-use parking.

"Joint-use parking" means the common use of  parking space(s) among businesses on the same lot whose operating hours do not overlap.

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02.670     Junkyard.

"Junkyard" means the use of more than 200 sq. ft. of the area of any parcel, lot or contiguous lots for the storage of junk, including scrap metals or other scrap materials and for the dismantling, wrecking or storage of used automobile or vehicles or machinery or parts thereof.

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02.680     Kennel.

  1. Kennel, private. "Private kennel" means any property where dogs and cats over the age of 4 months are kept in accordance with the requirements of Section 04.270 for the use and enjoyment of the occupant for noncommercial purposes.
  2. Kennel, boarding or commercial. "Boarding or commercial kennel" means any facility other than a private kennel, including, but not limited to, a facility for the keeping, boarding, breeding, training and maintaining of more than four dogs of 4 months of age or older, whether for a fee or not, or for sale.

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02.690     Kitchen.

"Kitchen" means any room, all or part of which is designed or used for cooking and the preparation of food.

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02.700     Land Development Technical Advisory Committee.

"Land Development Technical Advisory Committee" (LDTAC) means a technical committee consisting of the director of Public Works, the Community Development director and the Environmental Health director, and any other affected County departments, or their designated representatives. This body shall act in a technical capacity to the Commission. This body reviews and makes recommendations on all subdivisions, land divisions, use permits, general plan amendments, land use redesignations and preapplications.

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02.705     Land use designation.

“Land use designation” is a general category or class of land use activity (e.g., “residential,” “commercial” or “industrial”) that is permitted to occur on specific parcels of land in the unincorporated area of the county that have been duly assigned that designation by the County pursuant to this Land Use Element of the General Plan. Land use designations are generally described in Section IV of this Land Use Element and their specific assignments to individual parcels of land in the unincorporated area of the county are depicted in the Land Use Maps available at Because assigned land use designations essentially create regulatory boundaries or areas within which certain permitted uses may occur, parcels of land are sometimes described under these Land Development Regulations as being located within their assigned land use designations. Except as otherwise expressly provided by these Land Development Regulations, no land may be developed or used except in the manner permitted by its assigned designation. (See Section 01.060 of these Land Development Regulations.) 

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02.710     Landscaping.

"Landscaping" means the use of plant and natural materials, paving materials or structural materials in order to amend and enhance the exterior environment on any parcel, public right of way and easement or to reestablish or reinforce the existing natural environment.

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02.720     Lot.

"Lot" means land occupied or to be occupied by a use, building or a unit group of buildings and uses and accessory buildings and uses, together with such yards, open spaces and lot width and area as are required, and having frontage upon a street; or an area or parcel shown on and created by a final or parcel map recorded with the County Recorder.

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02.730     Lot coverage.

"Lot coverage" means the percentage of a lot encumbered by structures including decks and areas devoted to vehicular traffic or parking. Specified requirements may be modified for substandard lots.

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02.740     Lot, double-frontage.

"Lot, double-frontage" or through lot means a lot other than a corner lot that has frontage on two parallel or approximately parallel streets. Required front yards shall be measured from both street frontages.

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02.750     Lot depth.

"Lot depth" means the average horizontal distance between the front and rear lot lines measured in the mean direction of the side lot lines.   

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02.760     Lot width.

"Lot width" means the distance measured at the building setback line along a line or arc that is parallel or concentric to the right of way.

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02.770     Manufactured housing.

The term manufactured home and mobile home may be used interchangeably in the General Plan, however permitting and use shall be pursuant to State law in regard to its definition of manufactured housing. "Manufactured housing" means a structure, transportable in one or more sections, which, in the traveling mode, is 8 body feet or more in width, or 40 body feet or more in length, or, when erected on site, is 320 or more square feet, and which is built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without a permanent foundation when connected to the required utilities, and includes the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems contained therein; except that such term shall include any structure that meets all the requirements of this paragraph except the size requirements and with respect to which the manufacturer voluntarily files a certification and complies with the standards established under Part 2 of Division 13 (18000 et seq.) of the Health and Safety Code. “Manufactured home” includes a mobile home subject to the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C., Sec. 5401, et seq.) (see Health and Safety Code Section 18007).

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02.780     Manufactured-housing subdivision.

"Manufactured-housing subdivision" means any area or tract of land where two or more lots are created in accordance with applicable provisions of Title 17 of the Mono County Code for the exclusive use of manufactured-housing units that are defined to include mobile homes and factory-built housing.

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02.790     Mobile home.

The term manufactured home and mobile home may be used interchangeably in the General Plan, however permitting and use shall be pursuant to State law in regard to its definition of mobile home. "Mobile home" means a structure that meets the Health and Safety Code requirements of Health and Safety Code Section 18007. “Mobile home” does not include a commercial coach, as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 18001.8, factory-built housing, as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 19971, or a recreational vehicle, as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 18010 (see Health and Safety Code Section 18008). “Commercial coach” means a structure transportable in one or more sections, designed and equipped for human occupancy for industrial, professional, or commercial purposes, which is required to be moved under permit, and shall include a trailer coach as defined in Section 635 of the Vehicle Code (see Health and Safety Code Section 18001.8).

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02.800     Mobile-home display units.

"Mobile-home display units" means any mobile home or mobile homes that are used solely for the purpose of displaying units offered for sale by the developer of an approved mobile-home park or subdivision in the area.

Mobile-home display units are deemed to be temporary and shall be removed from the site at the completion of the sales program or upon termination of any permit issued for that use. Mobile-home display units shall not be used at any time for living quarters unless installed on legal mobile-home lots that provide all necessary support requirements.

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02.810     Mobile-home park.

"Mobile-home park" means any area or tract of land designed as a single unit where two or more mobile-home lots or spaces are rented or leased, or held out for rent or lease to accommodate mobile homes used for dwelling purposes.

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02.820     Modular.

Refer to factory-built housing definition, Section 02.480.

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02.830     Model home or unit, temporary.

"Model home or unit, temporary" means any dwelling unit or units that are used solely for the purpose of displaying units offered for sale and that are temporary in nature, the unit or units to be removed from the site at the expiration of any permit issued for the use. Temporary model homes or units shall not be used at any time as living quarters.

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02.840     Motel.

"Motel" means a building or buildings containing guest rooms or units with associated automobile parking spaces designed and used primarily for the accommodation of transient automobile and other travelers.

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02.850     Nonconforming.

"Nonconforming" means the existence or use of land, a building, a structure or portion thereof, that does not conform to the regulations of the land development regulations and that lawfully existed at the time the regulations with which it does not conform became effective.

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02.860     Nurseries.

"Nurseries" means the retail or wholesale handling of any article, substance or commodity related to the occupation of gardening, including the sale of plants, shrubs, trees, packaged fertilizers, soils, chemicals and other nursery goods and related products. The bulk sale or bulk storage of fertilizers, soils, chemicals and other garden supplies shall be within a building.

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02.870     Open space.

"Open space" means land where basic natural values have been retained. Open space can include wilderness areas as well as a small park in the middle of town, pastures, forested areas, agricultural uses, golf courses, flood washes, ski runs, etc. The function of open space may differ, depending upon the location. It may have a protective function, as in the case of open space in flood plain areas, where it serves to protect health and safety. It can have a structural or buffer function to space and separate conflicting land uses. It may serve the function of recreation or a scenic function to provide aesthetic views of forests or mountains.

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02.880     Outdoor sales.

"Outdoor sales" means any retail sales operation conducted either partially or entirely outside, in a motorized vehicle, or temporary structure (i.e., tent, vegetable stand, etc.).

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02.890     Overlay district.

"Overlay district" means an area within which a set of standards and requirements are employed to deal with special physical characteristics such as hazardous areas. Overlay districts are sometimes described in the general or area plans and are mapped and/or imposed in conjunction with, and in addition to, those of the underlying land use designation.

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02.900     Parking space.

"Parking space" means a usable space on the building site at least 10’ x 20’ if over 7,000’ elevation and at least 9’ x 18’ if covered or under 7,000’ elevation. Such space shall be located off the street with adequate access to such space.

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02.910     Parking, underground structure.

"Parking, underground structure" is an improved, covered parking lot built beneath the structure that it primarily serves, and not extending more than 5 feet above the finished grade. Building height is then measured from the top of the underground parking structure.

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02.912    Permitted Use.

“Permitted use” means a typical land use that is allowed within a particular land use category; permitted uses listed for each land use designation are examples of permitted uses within that designation. Additional specific uses may be permitted if they are similar to the listed uses; see 04.020-04.050. A permitted use is considered to be consistent with the objectives of the General Plan. Permitted uses may also be subject to performance or other development standards, applicable area or specific plans, and either ministerial or discretionary approval.

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02.915    Pool.

“Pool” means a man-made structure containing water and open at the surface that is installed permanently within the ground. A pool may be used for human use, aesthetics or otherwise.

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02.920     Poultry farms.

"Poultry farms" means the raising and/or keeping of chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, pheasants, or guinea fowl for commercial purposes.

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02.930     Professional office.

"Professional office" means an establishment for professional, executive or administrative offices, including those of accountants, lawyers, medical doctors, dentists, architects, engineers, drafting offices, insurance agents, real estate agents and other occupations that are of similar character to those enumerated, but not including barbers, beauty salons, cosmetologists or other service establishments or building trades contractor

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02.940     Public buildings and uses.

"Public buildings and uses" means any civic- or service-oriented facility available to the general public including such uses but not limited to schools, parks, playgrounds, educational, recreational and social facilities, libraries, museums, firehouses, courthouses, administrative offices, hospitals and other governmental facilities.

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02.950     Public utility buildings, structures and uses.

"Public utility buildings, structures and uses" means the use of land for public utility purposes by public, quasi-public and private energy and communication purposes and distributors except for conventional electrical distribution substations and facilities. Hydroelectric, geothermal power plant construction, and cell/communication towers are considered to fall within this definition.

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02.960     Quasi-public buildings and uses.

"Quasi-public buildings and uses" means a use operated by a private nonprofit educational, religious, recreational, charitable, fraternal or medical institution, association or organization, and including but not limited to such uses as churches, private schools, universities, community recreational, educational and social facilities, meeting halls, private hospitals and similar uses.

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02.970     Recreational vehicle.

"Recreational vehicle" means a motor home, travel trailer, truck camper, or camping trailer, with or without motor power, designed for human habitation for recreation or emergency occupancy, which is 8 feet or less in overall width and 40 feet or less in overall length, or a bus conversion for human habitation, and for which a special permit and/or chauffeur's license is not required by the California Vehicle Code to move such vehicle on a public highway.

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02.980     Recreational-vehicle park.

"Recreational-vehicle park" means any area or tract of land where two or more lots or spaces are rented or leased, or held out for rent or lease to owners or users of recreational vehicles that are occupied for temporary purposes or seasonal use. A recreational-vehicle park may allow the use of tents or other temporary camping facilities either in place of a recreational vehicle or in a separate designated area within its confines and considered as part of the number of approved lots or spaces in the park. In addition, an "RV" park normally contains provisions for electrical and sanitary hookups.

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02.990     Scenic Highway.

"Scenic Highway" means any freeway, highway, route, road, street, boulevard, or other public right of way that traverses an area of land generally adjacent to (within 1,000 feet) and visible from the highway, which requires protective measures to ensure preservation of its scenic qualities.

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02.1000   Scenic Highway Corridor.

"Scenic Highway Corridor" means the area of land generally adjacent to (within 1,000 feet) and visible from the highway, which requires protective measures to ensure preservation of its scenic qualities.

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02.1010   Screening.

"Screening" means the use of fences, hedges, and walls as well as earth mounds and the massing of trees and shrubs in order to mitigate visual nuisance generated by specific land uses and to protect the amenities of abutting land use districts in accordance with the intent of those districts.

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02.1020   Service station.

"Service station" means a retail business establishment limited to the sale of motor fuels and supplying goods and services generally required in the operation and maintenance of automotive vehicles. These may include sale of petroleum products; sale and servicing of tires, batteries, automotive accessories and replacement items; washing and lubrication services; the performance of minor automotive maintenance and repair. Major automotive repairs, painting, and body and fender work are excluded except where such uses are otherwise permitted in the district.

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02.1030   Setback line, street.

"Setback line, street" means a line that defines the depth of the required street setback, front yard, side yard or side street where said yard or yards abut a street. Said street setback line shall be parallel or concentric with the street right-of-way line.

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02.1040   Sign.

"Sign" means any words, letters, numerals, emblems, designs, or other marks shown on any card, cloth, paper, metal, painted surface, glass, wood, plaster, stone or other device of any kind or character by which anything is made known and used to attract attention.

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02.1045   Site disturbance.

“Site disturbance” means the portion of a parcel that has been changed from its natural condition during the process of development, including but not limited to areas altered by structures, parking areas, roads and driveways, and graded areas. It does not include areas used for agricultural operations. Land that has been disturbed but that has subsequently been reclaimed or revegetated is not counted in the calculation of site disturbance. “Site disturbance” includes the area considered as lot coverage (structures and impervious surfaces). Lot coverage and site disturbance are calculated using gross coverage/disturbance for parcels one acre or more in size; and net coverage/ disturbance for parcels under one acre in size.

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02.1050   Site plan.

"Site plan" means a plan, prepared to scale, showing accurately and with complete dimensions all of the uses proposed for a specific parcel of land taking into consideration the natural and man-made characteristics of the parcel.

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02.1060   Site plan review.

"Site plan review" means the review by the County of a site plan and other studies to assist the County in determining the manner in which the applicant intends to make use of his property.

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02.1063   Small-scale agriculture.         

“Small-scale agriculture” means gardens and orchards producing food for human consumption that do not exceed 10% of the total lot area. Such agriculture may be for personal or community use. Landscaping is not considered small-scale agriculture.

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02.1065   Snow storage area.

"Snow storage area” means an area set aside for the storage of snow. The area may be landscaped, paved or covered with natural vegetation. See Section 04.300, Snow storage requirements.

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02.1070   Social care facility.

"Social care facility" means any facility in the general classification of a boarding home for aged persons, boarding home for children, day care home for children, day nursery, nursing home or parent-child boarding home. These facilities consist of a building or group of buildings used or designed for the housing of sick, demented, injured, convalescent, infirm or well, normal healthy persons, requiring licensing or certification by regulating government agencies.

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02.1080   Special event.

"Special event" means any organized activity, event, procession, or assemblage of persons for which there is not an outstanding use permit, that is held over a temporary or limited number of days. See Mono County Code Chapter 5.50.

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02.1090   Stable, private.

"Stable, private" means a detached accessory building for keeping of horses, burros or mules that are owned by the occupants of the premises. Private stable buildings are not otherwise available for rent or boarding purposes.

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02.1100   Stable, public.

"Stable, public" means a stable other than a private stable for keeping of horses.

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02.1110   Street line.

"Street line" means the boundary between a street, public or private, and abutting property.

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02.1120   Street, public.

"Street, public" means a street, road or way, but not an alley; dedicated to, owned by or maintained by a state, county or incorporated city.

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02.1121    Strip commercial.

“Strip commercial” is a form of commercial development in which each establishment is afforded direct access to a major thoroughfare through a shared parking lot; generally associated with intensive use of signs to attract passersby.

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02.1130   Structural alterations.

"Structural alterations" means any change in the supporting members of a building, such as a bearing wall, column, beam or girder, floor or ceiling joists, roof diaphragms, foundations, pipes or retaining walls.

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02.1140   Structure.

"Structure" means anything that is built or constructed (definition from the California Building Code), but for the purposes of this General Plan shall not include fences under 7 feet in height and retaining walls less than 4 feet in height.

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02.1141    Square Footage.

“Square Footage,” for the purposes of General Plan policies, shall be calculated based on the exterior foundation footprint of the unit. All interior space, whether habitable, conditioned, or otherwise, shall count toward the total square footage of the unit.

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02.1150   Subdivision.

"Subdivision" means the division, by any subdivider of any unit or units of improved or unimproved land, or any portion thereof, shown on the latest equalized County assessment roll as a unit or as contiguous units for the purpose of sale, lease or financing whether immediate or future except for leases of land for agricultural purposes. Property shall be considered contiguous even if it is separated by roads, streets, utility easement or railroad rights of way. Subdivision includes a condominium project, as defined in Section 1350 of the Civil Code, a community apartment project, as defined in Section 11004 of the Business and Professions Code or the conversion of five or more existing dwelling units to a stock cooperative, as defined in Section 11003.2 of the Business and Professions Code. As used in this definition, agricultural purposes mean the cultivation of food or fiber or the grazing or pasturing of livestock.

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02.1160   Substandard lot.

"Substandard lot" means a unit of land, the area, width or other characteristics that fails to meet the requirements of the land use designation in which it is located.

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02.1165   Supportive housing.

“Supportive housing” means permanent rental housing linked to a range of support services designed to enable residents to maintain stable housing and lead fuller lives.

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02.1170   Temporary use.

"Temporary use" is any use or occupation of any building or land for a period of 180 days or less.

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02.1180   Time-share project.

"Time-share project" is any project in which a purchaser receives the right in perpetuity, for life, or for a term of years, to the recurrent, exclusive use or occupancy of a lot, parcel, unit, or segment of real property, annually or on some other periodic basis, for a period of time that has or will be allotted from the use or occupancy periods.

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02.1190   Time-share estate.

"Time-share estate" is a right of occupancy in a time-share project that is coupled with an estate in real property.

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02.1200   Time-share use.

"Time-share use" is a license, certificate or contractual or membership right of occupancy in a time-share project that is coupled with an estate in real property.

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02.1201   Tract housing.

“Tract housing” is a style of housing development in which multiple identical or nearly identical homes featuring similar color, texture and form are built together on a single tract of land.

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02.1210   Transient rental.

"Transient rental" means any structure, or portion of structure, which is occupied, or intended or designed for occupancy by transients for purposes of sleeping, lodging or similar reasons. A "transient" is any person who exercises occupancy, whether by agreement, concession, permit, right of access, license, contract, payment of rent or otherwise, for a period of 30 or fewer consecutive calendar days.

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02.1215   Transitional housing.

“Transitional housing” means a type of supportive housing used to facilitate the movement of homeless individuals and families to permanent housing.

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02.1220   Travel trailer.

"Travel trailer" means a recreational vehicle. See Section 02.970.

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02.1230   Use.

"Use" means the purpose for which land or a building thereon is designed, arranged or intended, or for which it is or may be occupied or maintained.

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02.1240   Use, accessory.

"Use, accessory" means a use accessory to any permitted use and customarily a part thereof, which use is clearly incidental and secondary to the permitted use and which does not change the character thereof.

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02.1250   Yard.

"Yard" means an open space other than a court on the same building site with a building, which open space is occupied and unobstructed from the ground upward, not including any portion of any street or alley or road right of way.

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02.1260   Yard, front.

"Yard, front" means that portion of the lot adjacent to a street right of way, extending between the side lot lines to a depth required by the district in which the lot is located.

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02.1270   Yard, rear.

"Yard, rear" means a yard extending across the back of the lot between the side lot lines and to a depth required by the district in which the lot is situated.

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02.1280   Yard, side.

"Yard, side" means a yard along the side line of the lot and to a width required by the district in which the lot is situated, and extending from the front yard to the rear yard.

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