Rural Resort (RU)

INTENT: The “RU” designation is intended to provide appropriate sites for outdoor recreation facilities and limited visitor-oriented facilities and services in rural areas of the county. The district is intended to protect the environment and rural character of an area while allowing for compatible development.


  • Single-family dwelling
  • Accessory buildings and uses1
  • Manufactured home used as a single-family dwelling2
  • Animals and pets (see Animal Standards Section 04.270)
  • Home occupations (see Home Occupation regulations, Section 04.290)
  • Small-scale agriculture
  • Adult-oriented businesses conducted in compliance with the locational requirements of Chapter 19 of the Land Development Regulations (set forth in Section VI of this Land Use Element) and with the permit and other operational requirements of Chapter 5.45 of the Mono County Code
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (as prescribed in Chapter 16, Development Standards – Accessory Dwelling Unit)
  • Transitional and Supportive Housing4


  • None stated


  • Construction of an accessory building prior to construction of the main building
  • Recreational-vehicle parks (see Dev. Standards – Mobile-home and RV Parks, Ch. 17)
  • Hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfast establishments, cabins and other uses found to be similar by the Commission. Ancillary uses such as limited restaurants, lounges and convenience retail, provided the ancillary use does not occupy more than 25% of the project's habitable space
  • Transient rentals (fewer than 30 consecutive days)
  • Developed campgrounds
  • Commercial recreational facilities such as cross country ski facilities, equestrian facilities, golf courses and facilities (if developed in conjunction with lodging facilities), marinas and boathouses
  • Employee housing, if developed in conjunction with recreational/lodging facilities


Minimum Parcel Size:                5 acres

Minimum Lot Dimensions:        Width – 60’

                                                  Depth – 100’

Site Disturbance:            10%     (includes a maximum of 5% lot coverage).

Maximum site disturbance may be increased if the remainder of the parcel is preserved as open space in perpetuity.

Minimum Setbacks:

Front:              30’                      Rear:            30’                         Side:             30’

Building Density:     One du per 5 acres and an Accessory Dwelling Unit (see Ch. 16, Development Standards – Accessory Dwelling Units. Lodging facilities may not exceed a maximum intensity of 40 units/acre and a total of 150 units/site. Spaces for recreational vehicles may not exceed a maximum density of 17 spaces/acre. Density for mixed uses on one parcel; e.g., motel units and RV spaces will be calculated at a proportionate rate.


  1. Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to any of the permitted uses are permitted only when located on the same lot and constructed simultaneously with or subsequent to the main building.
  2. Provided that the unit is fewer than 10 years old and meets the criteria set forth in Section 04.280. When there are two mobile homes on the same parcel, they must 1) comply with the Accessory Dwelling Unit requirements (see Ch. 16), or 2) comply with State standards for a mobile-home park and obtain a use permit from the County (see Ch. 17, Mobile Homes and RV Parks).
  3. Uses may have been omitted from the list of those specified, hence the Commission may find other uses to be similar and not more obnoxious or detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare. See explanation of interpreting "similar uses" Chapter 04, Uses not listed as permitted.
  4. Transitional and Supportive Housing projects are permitted in the same manner as other residential housing.


Land Development Regulations –

Ch. 04             Development Standards – General

Ch. 06             Development Standards – Parking

Ch. 07             Development Standards – Signs

Table 04.010   Building Heights