Long Valley

  1. There is interest in a regional trail network, including a multi-use trail from Long Valley to Mammoth Lakes and around Crowley Lake, and interest in identifying missing links between existing trails within and outside of each community to connect points of interest.
  2. There is a lack of consensus surrounding the need for future workforce housing in Long Valley, and concern over ensuring such projects are compatible with the character of existing neighborhoods.
  3. Residents are concerned about pedestrian safety along County roads, and are interested in improvements when roads are being upgraded or improved. Walkable neighborhoods are encouraged in all areas except Aspen Springs.
  4. There is interest in improved coordination between the Long Valley Regional Planning Advisory Committee (RPAC) and County Service Area 1 (CSA 1) on any proposed projects for the community to ensure as much input as possible, and interest in the RPAC supporting the CSA’s 10-year adopted plan.
  5. Questions have been raised about cost/benefit evaluations for proposed community projects to demonstrate the expenditure of funds is both warranted and needed. Public outreach and support are critical as part of any project approval process.
  6. Recycling programs are identified as an important community benefit and asset, and interest exists in expanding existing recycling programs.
  7. Long Valley enjoys its rural character and does not desire to promote or become a self-sufficient community with commercial enterprises such as supermarkets, etc.
  8. Preservation of the scenic corridor, wildlife habitat and visual quality of the area is of utmost importance, and interest in minimizing impacts to these resources is high.
  9. Questions have been raised about the efficient provision of community services, and whether consolidation of water and sewer systems may be beneficial.
  10. There is concern that commercial operations and any expansion of commercial uses be compatible with and respect community character. It is recognized that commercial businesses provide important and convenient services.