Open Space (OS)

INTENT: The “OS” designation is intended to protect and retain open space for future generations. These lands may be valuable for resource preservation (e.g., visual open space, botanical habitat, stream environment zones, etc.), low-intensity recreational uses, mineral resources, or other reasons.


  • Agriculture
  • Bikeway, pedestrian ways, equestrian trails, cross country ski touring, ski-back trails
  • Wildlife preserves, botanical preserves and similar uses  gp
  • Single-family dwelling  gp
  •  Commercial aquaculture activities

Uses Permitted Subject to Director Review (Director Review Processing, Ch. 31)

  • None stated

Uses Permitted Subject to Use Permit (Use Permit Processing, Ch. 32)

  • Recreation areas requiring significant modification of natural landscape – e.g., golf courses, tennis courts, commercial stables, downhill ski runs
  • Accessory buildings and uses, including barns, stables and farm buildings
  • Water storage tanks
  • Mineral exploration activities (including geothermal exploration activities)  gp

Development Standards

Minimum Parcel Size:      None

Minimum District Area:   None

Maximum Site Disturbance:    10% (includes lot coverage)  gp

Density:   1 du/80 acres and an Accessory Dwelling Unit (see Ch. 16, Development Standards – Accessory Dwelling Units). gp No residential development is allowed if the parcel size is less than 80 acres   c

Population Density:      Approximately 0.06 persons per acre.


  1. Uses may have been omitted from the list of those specified, hence the Commission may find other uses to be similar and not more obnoxious or detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare. See explanation of interpreting "similar uses" Chapter 04, Uses not listed as permitted.
  2. Provided that the unit is fewer than 10 years old and meets the criteria set forth in Section 04.280.


Land Development Regulations –

Ch. 04    Development Standards – General                      

Ch. 06    Development Standards – Parking                    

Table 04.010     Building Heights


c.         Clarification

gp.       General Plan addition