Buildout by Planning Area

TABLE 02: Buildout by Planning Area – Mono County

Planning Area Total Unit Buildout Assumption Buildout
Antelope 4,537 1,586
Benton 2,625 729
Bodie Hills 649 317
Bridgeport 3,166 3,166
Chalfant 590 542
Hammil 285 285
June Lake 3,236 3,011
Crowley 1,920 1,839
Mammoth Vicinity 333 17
Mono Basin 895 880


Planning Area

2,457 670
Oasis 1,667 102
Paradise 268 199
Sonora 138 138
Swauger 8 8
Upper Owens 807 52
Wheeler Crest 389 389
Total 23,970 13,930

“Maximum Theoretical Buildout” is the total number of units possible if each parcel of land is developed and/or redeveloped to the maximum allowable density, and ignores all environmental, infrastructure and regulatory constraints, as well as historical development patterns. This buildout number represents full disclosure of development potential based only on land use designation and is entirely unrealistic.

“Theoretical Regulatory Buildout” is the number of units that theoretically could be built based on the land use designation and generalized regulatory and infrastructure constraints. These constraints are identified in the Buildout Tables for individual communities located in the Environmental Impact Report. Site-specific constraints such as environmental concerns and historical development patterns are not considered. Because constraints are generalized, this level of buildout is still highly unlikely.

Calculating buildout is a mathematical exercise based entirely on the underlying land use designation, and then any assumed constraints that are applied. No time frame or rate of development is defined or applied, and therefore the buildout calculations are not growth goals or population projections.