Tri-Valley (Benton/ Hammil/ Chalfant)

  1. The proliferation of residential development in the Tri-Valley is inherently incompatible near agricultural areas and may compromise ongoing agricultural operations.
  2. There is a desire to maintain and enhance agricultural uses in the Tri-Valley.
  3. The Tri-Valley area is experiencing increasing pressure for residential development. Residents in the Tri-Valley are concerned about that pressure and would like to retain the current rural-residential character of the area.
  4. Parts of the Tri-Valley area are subject to flooding.
  5. Winter closure of SR 120 hinders access and safety to and from the Tri-Valley area.
  6. Limited turnout lanes in community areas along US 6 and the need for passing lanes create safety issues in the Tri-Valley area.
  7. There is a need to make US 6 in Mono County a daytime headlights-on area.
  8. Limited public transportation in the Tri-Valley makes it difficult for residents to access County services.
  9. Future growth could compromise water quality along with water quantity; local residents are currently reporting a continued lowering of the water table.
  10. Mono County emergency services are limited and far away from the remote location of the Tri-Valley.
  11. Children are transported out of the county to attend middle and high school; local schools are needed.
  12. Access to public lands that surround the Tri-Valley is a critical component of the rural sense of community.
  13. There is a desire to continue to promote the intersection of US 6 and SR 120 as the community’s commercial core and service center