This section presents policies that apply to private lands in the unincorporated area of the county. It first presents policies that apply to all private land in the unincorporated area. It then presents policies for each of the community areas in the county; i.e., Antelope Valley, Swauger Creek/Devil's Gate, Bridgeport Valley, Bodie Hills area, Mono Basin (Mono City and Lee Vining), June Lake, the Upper Owens area, the Mammoth Vicinity, Long Valley, Wheeler Crest, Tri-Valley, the Benton Hot Springs area and Oasis. Some of the Land Use Policies in this section summarize policies contained in other elements of the county General Plan. Implementation measures for those policies are found in the referenced General Plan Element.

This section also contains the land use policies from the Airport Land Use Plans for the Mammoth Yosemite Airport, the Lee Vining Airport, and the Bridgeport Airport (Bryant Field).


Land use policies in this Element should be reviewed in conjunction with the following policies and regulations: policies in other General Plan Elements (i.e., Housing, Conservation/Open Space, Noise, Safety, Circulation, and Hazardous Waste Management); applicable sections of the Mono County Code (e.g., Land Use Regulations, Noise Ordinance, Grading Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance); applicable state policies and regulations (e.g., Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board Basin Plan, Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District Air Quality Plan, Caltrans planning documents, etc.); and applicable federal policies and regulations (e.g., Clean Water Act, TEA 21, USFS planning documents, Bureau of Land Management planning documents, etc.).

It should also be noted that County “… development policies and standards shall be viewed as minimum requirements; development should strive to exceed those minimums whenever reasonably feasible. County staff may require project modifications as necessary to implement this policy” (Mono County Land Use Element, Policy 10).