Swauger Creek

  1. The central concern in the Swauger Creek area is regulating development, including residential land uses, in order to preserve the natural resources in the area. Residents in the area are also interested in preserving and enhancing wildland recreational and research values in the surrounding area.

The open-space environment of the area should be recognized as a valid natural resource, and its enjoyment a form of recreation in the true sense of the word. The landowners of the area recognize that this natural environment, its peace, quiet, low density, and natural surroundings are some of the values that brought them to this area, and that the preservation of viewsheds in general, and of certain specific visual groups in particular, is an important component of a land use plan for the area. The landowners regard themselves as trustees of the resource values of the area, and as such, to be responsible to future generations for the quality of their stewardship.