Election Notifications (Mailings)

The Mono County Elections Office regularly sends election mail to voters. These mailings, most often required by law, range from notification cards to information cards to ballots. The United States Postal Service election mail logo helps voters easily identify our mail. It is important to review any election mail you receive, as it may be a notice regarding your registration status, information on voting locations and official ballot drop boxes, or your ballot. Keep reading for the different types of mailings you may receive from our office.

Pre-Election Residency Confirmation Card

Before a primary election, the Mono County Elections Office must send out an address verification card to all active voters. There are instructions on what you should do when you receive the card.

There are three scenarios:

  1. If your residential and mailing address on the card is correct, you may disregard the notice and your voter registration will remain in effect. 
  2. If your residential and/or mailing address on the card incorrect, please provide updated information, sign, and return the card to us. (Alternatively, you may update your voter registration information online at California Online Voter Registration)
  3. If the person named on the card is no longer at the address, please mark the box indicating the person named is no longer at the residence, and return the card to us. No signature required. 

No Party Preference Crossover Ballot Notice and Application

As a voter who declined to provide a political party preference, or you registered with an unknown or unqualified political party, you are considered a "No Party Preference" (NPP) voter, and your primary election ballot will not have presidential candidates on it. Any voter that has declined to disclose a political party preference on their voter registration may request a one-time ballot for a political party that is allowing cross-over voting in the presidential primary election. 

You can request a "cross-over" ballot with presidential candidates by submitting a No Party Preference Cross-over Ballot Application. The below-listed political parties are allowing crossover voting in this election:

  • American Independent Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Libertarian Party

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Pre-Election Residency Confirmation Card
No Party Preference Crossover Ballot Notice and Application