Prescriptive Designs: Outbuildings, Decks, Bridges, Solar, and Accessory Dwelling Unit Designs

Prescriptive Designs Plan2

Mono County provides construction document resources known as "prescriptive designs". A prescriptive design is defined as "specific detailing requirements and similar pre-defined design options and rules used to create a code-compliant design. To the professional familiar with the process and standards, prescriptive design approaches are relatively fast to use without performing significant job-specific calculations".

For a submittal using these plans, we require the applicant produce a site plan for the designs. The site plan must be reasonably detailed to accurately show all items listed on the Plan Submittal Checklist (found in the Mono County Building Permit Application).  The applicant will need to identify on the plans which option they want to use.  An applicant can digitally mark up the plan to indicate any afforded options (such as decks), and submit that with the other required submittal documents, or drop off a hard copy submittal.

Physical prints of these documents may be provided upon request. Feel free to reach out to the Community Development office with questions.