Building Permit Application Examples (in compliance with AB1114)

In compliance with AB1114 Mono County Building Department has supplied examples of completed permit applications for a variety of job scopes below. 

AB1114 Summary: Existing law relating to housing development approval requires a local agency to compile a list of information needed to approve or deny a postentitlement phase permit, to post an example of a complete, approved application and an example of a complete set of postentitlement phase permits.

Existing law defines “postentitlement phase permit” to include all nondiscretionary permits and reviews filed after the entitlement process has been completed that are required or issued by the local agency to begin construction of a development that is intended to be at least 2/3 residential, excluding discretionary and ministerial planning permits, entitlements, and certain other permits and reviews.

These permits include, but are not limited to, building permits and all interdepartmental review required for the issuance of a building permit, permits for minor or standard off-site improvements, permits for demolition, and permits for minor or standard excavation and grading. Existing law defines other terms for its purposes.