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Building Department

Mammoth Office: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 5 pm. Closed for lunch from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

Bridgeport Office: Mondays 8am-12 and  1pm-5pm. To coordinate submissions Tuesday- Friday please contact us at 760-924-1825 or

Community Development Fee Schedule-

The Mono County Building Division is responsible for the oversight and issuance of all building permits and associated work completed in the unincorporated areas of Mono County. We do not oversee or permit work within the Town of Mammoth Lakes. For more information about building within Mammoth Lakes, visit the Town's website.


Permits are required when there is new construction to a building as well as some repair work or alterations to an existing structure. In addition, when a building is to be remodeled, renovated or enlarged, a permit will be required. New work consists of any new construction, commercial or residential, from vacant ground to a completed new structure. Projects that are considered cosmetic, such as painting, carpeting, adding new wallpaper, cabinets, and trim work, do not require a permit. If you have any questions concerning your specific project, please feel free to contact us.


There is often concern about the purpose of and need for building permits. Building permits are mandated by state codes that regulate building, fire, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and other facets of construction. The building permit process provides a system to verify that plans comply with codes and the ability to investigate and examine work during construction. This process helps ensure a safe and quality final structure.

Additional Resources

Complete building permit application: Use this application for projects such as new single-family residences, new commercial buildings, additions and detached structures. These applications also provide questionnaires for Encroachment permits, Grading Permits, Well permits, and Septic permits. It is highly recommended that applicants contact building division staff to discuss submittal requirements.

Mountain View Fire recovery informational packet available below. More documents including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), general information, and rebates will be posted as they become available.

For additional information please see the Mono County Mountain View Fire Incident page at

Round Fire recovery information, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), general information, and rebates.

The Mono County Board of Supervisors has approved a resolution to waive permit fees for energy efficiency and alternative energy projects. Qualifying projects are residential and commercial solar, and ground-source space and water conditioning systems with a maximum project valuation of $75,000 each.

Prescriptive Designs Plan2

Mono County provides construction document resources known as "prescriptive designs". A prescriptive design is defined as "specific detailing requirements and similar pre-defined design options and rules used to create a code-compliant design. To the professional familiar with the process and standards, prescriptive design approaches are relatively fast to use without performing significant job-specific calculations".

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit
Eligibility Checklist for Expedited Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit