The Resource Family Approval Process

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Resource Family Approval (RFA) is a new caregiver approval process that a foster parent, relative, non-relative extended family member, or adoptive family completes to be considered for potential placement of a child, youth, or young adult (non-minor dependents from 18-21 years old).

RFA is the state program now implemented by Mono County Department of Social Services, which oversees resource families who are approved to provide care and supervision for children.

Resource Family Homes are required to comply with the California Department of Children’s Services Written Directives for the Resource Family Approval Program.

Resource Family Approval Written Directives 6.0 (Click Here)

How Do I Become a Resource Family?

Mono County Social Services staff will work with you to become a Resource Family. This new process is a unified, family friendly, child centered and streamlined application process. 

It will eliminate duplication and increase approval standards for all families that want to foster, adopt or provide legal guardianship to a child. The following is a partial list of requirements:

· Criminal record check/Live Scan

· Informational Meeting, Orientation and Pre-Approval Training

· Home environment assessment

· Permanency Assessment

· CPR/First Aid Certification

· Health and TB Screening

· In-home visits with all adults and children, youth and young adults

· Reference checks

· DMV Report

· Verification and completed application forms

Upon approval, a Resource Family is considered to be approved for providing foster care, becoming a guardian or adopting a child without going through additional processes. Approval does not guarantee the placement of a child. 

For more information please contact Mono County Department of Social Services 760-924-1770

NEW Online RFA Application (Click Here)

Programa de Aprobación de Familias de Recursos

Resource Family Approval Guide (Click Here)