Recruitment for Vacancy ESAAA Advisory Council

ESAAA is currently recruiting to fill Advisory Council Member vacancies on the ESAAA Advisory
Council. The council is actively seeking participation from Mono and Inyo County
residents. Currently, there are no Mono County residents on the Council. The Advisory
Committee provides advice and consultation on issues affecting the provision of services
provided locally to older individuals.
Meetings are held quarterly, three of which are held in locations throughout Inyo County and
one in Mono County. Participation via video conferencing can be arranged.
If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete a Letter of Interest form, and fax
to Alyson Beaumont at (760) 873-6505 (fax). Members may not be employed by an entity
currently in a subcontracting relationship with ESAAA (this includes Mono County
employees). For more information, please contact Alyson Beaumont, Inyo Health and Human
Services (760) 873-3305.
The ESAAA Advisory Council is comprised of nine (9) total members from the service area of Inyo
and Mono Counties. At least 50% of the appointed members shall be aged 60 or above, including
minority individuals and older individuals residing in rural areas. Cross-generational
representation also is encouraged!