California Earned Income Tax Credit


What is the EITC?

There is both a California EITC (CalEITC) and a federal EITC.  If you have low income and work, you may qualify for CalEITC and/or the federal EITC. These credits give you a refund or reduce your tax owed. 

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The amount of CalEITC you get depends on your household status, income, and family size.  You may qualify for other credits, too, such as the federal Child Tax Credit (CTC).

Local Tax Help

The AARP Tax-Aide Foundation in partnership with Mammoth Lakes Library is offering free tax preparation and e-filing for low and middle-income taxpayers. By appointment only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays beginning February 17th. For more information and to schedule an appointment call Sue (in English) 760-934-5674 or Terri (for Spanish) 760-924-3033.