Mental Health Services Act

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Mental Health Services Act

In 2004, California voters passed the Mental Health Services Act or MHSA (Proposition 63). The MHSA places a 1% tax on personal incomes over $1,000,000 and then distributes those funds to behavioral health departments across the state. The goal of the MHSA is to transform the public mental health system into one that is client- and family-driven, recovery-oriented, accessible, and culturally competent.

In Mono County, the Behavioral Health Department uses MHSA funds to pay for a very wide array of programs, activities, and services. These range from the wellness centers in Walker and Mammoth to the community socials in Bridgeport and Benton to North Star, our school-based counseling center. 

Opportunity for Public Comment

MCBH is pleased to present its 2022-2023 MHSA Annual Update Mid-Year Revision with a new Innovation Plan. This report is substantively the same as the previously approved 2022-2023 MHSA Annual Update, but includes a new Innovation Plan entitled: Semi-Statewide Enterprise Health Record and updated budget sheets. MCBH has been working for several years toward implementing a new Electronic/Enterprise Health Record (EHR), and we believe that joining the Semi-Statewide EHR project will help us meet state requirements, recruit and retain staff, and spend more time serving clients. On September 8, 2022, MCBH posted a draft of its MHSA FY 2022-2023 Annual Update Mid-Year Revision with New Innovation Plan for public comment. Available at the following link:

MHSA FY 22-23 Annual Update Mid-Year Revision with Innovation Plan (Draft for Public Comment)

Members of the community are invited to review the plan and submit comments by emailing Amanda Greenberg at, calling 760-924-1740 or by attending a public meeting at the end of the public comment period on October 17, 2022 at 3 pm via Zoom:


Call in: +1 669 900 6833 Meeting ID: 760 924 2222


For more information on how the MHSA is working in our community, please see the 2022-2023 Mental Health Services Act Annual Update, which was approved by the Behavioral Health Advisory Board following a 30-day public comment period during a Public Hearing on June 7, 2022 and approved by the Mono County Board of Supervisors on June 14, 2022.

Other MHSA plans and related materials are listed in the supporting documents below.