Mono County Drug Court

Mono County Courthouse

Mono County Probation was awarded a grant in October of 2015 for the implementation of a Drug Court Program.  Drug Court is collaborative Court that focuses its attention on the participant and their sobriety.  The agencies involved in this Court are the Mono County Superior Court, Mono County Probation Department, Mono County District Attorney's Office, Mono County Behavioral Health Department, and the Public Defenders.  These agencies alter their focus and traidtional roles to assist people who have entered the the criminal Courts due to underlying addictions.

The Mission of the Mono County Drug Court is "to connect defendants who have a substantial substance abuse addiction to treatment in the community in order to enhance public safety, reduce recidivism, to provide alternative dispositions to criminal charges that take into consideration the individual's substance abuse, mental and physical health, and the seriousness of the offense."