Mono County Probation Department Directory

If immediate assistance is needed please call the main line, (760) 932-5570,  where you may ask to be directed to an available officer.  Please note immediate assistance does not include non-emergency travel permission (this should be planned in advance with your supervising Probation Officer.)  If you are calling to schedule an appointment or ask permission to reschedule/cancel an appointment you need to speak with your supervising Probation Officer directly.  Please note that the Deputy Probation Officers are routinely available to be reached on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Mammoth Office and on Tuesday in the Bridgeport Office. 

In cases of emergency medical or law enforcement assistance, dial 911.


Office Directory                                                    

Karin Humiston
Chief of Probation     
(760) 932-5572 - Bridgeport         

Dylan Whitmore, Manager

Deputy Probation Officer V

(760) 924-1739


Jazmin Barkley, Manager

Deputy Probation Officer V

(760) 924-1764


Courtney Alvarez 

Deputy Probation Officer III



Leianna Eissinger

Deputy Probation Officer III

(760) 932-5574


Darcie Johnson 

Behavioral Health Services Coordinator

(760) 932-5578


Orlando Mejia

Deputy Probation Officer III

(760) 924-4618


Jonathan Himelhoch

Deputy Probation Officer IV

(760) 924-1733


Erin Knight

Probation Technician

(760) 932-5577


Stephen McFarland

Deputy Probation Officer I



Rudy Martinez



Jeff Mills

Fiscal and Administrative Services Officer

(760) 932-5573


Erin Van Kampen

Deputy Probation Officer IV

(760) 924-1734