Frequently Asked Questions - Adult Probation

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What is the difference between formal/supervised Probation and conditional/informal Probation?

Ans:  When sentenced to formal/supervised Probation an individual will be under the supervision of the Mono County Probation Department.  The Probation Department will enforce the terms and conditions ordered by the Judge for the probationer to adhere to.  Conditional/informal Probation is still a grant of Probation sentenced by the Court; however, the task of supervision will be handled by the Court and the Judge presiding over the case. 


I have been sentenced to Probation what do I do?

Ans:  The Court has given you paperwork indicating you have been placed on Probation.  On that paperwork it states when you were placed on Probation and for how long.  It also states all the terms and conditions you are expected to abide by or complete.   Additionally, the Judge during sentencing explains to you what he or she expects of you.  Typically, the Probation Department after a Probation grant is sentenced, will contact the probationer by telephone or in person at their residence.  It should be noted that it is the probationer's duty to check in.  If no contact is made, it is strongly recommended the probationer make contact with the Probation department.  No contact with the Probation department can result in the issuing of an arrest warrant. 


There are multiple fines and fees.  What happens if I can't pay them?

Ans:  There are many fines and fees a probationer can face.  They will face Court fines and fees, restitution, public defender fees, and cost of Probation.  If a Probationer can not pay their Court fines and fees, the Judge will allow as much leniency as possible.  The Probationer will have to take it upon themselves and make contact with the Court either in person or by letter explaining their difficulties in paying.  The case will not close until one's fines and fees are paid.  Restitution is ordered in cases where a victim has suffered a financial loss and the Probationer is expected to reimburse that loss.  If the amount is not paid by the termination date of Probation, the restitution can be converted to a civil judgment.  The Mono County Probation Department charges $30.00 monthly for Probation supervision.  This fee if not paid in full by the termination of the Probation grant, will result in a civil judgment collections process conducted by Mono County.


If placed on formal/supervised Probation in Mono County, can I live elsewhere?

Yes.  If you are a resident of California, you will need to advise the Mono County Probation Department of where you live.  Per 1203.9 of the California Penal Code, a transfer will take place and the jurisdiction of your case will be transferred to the county you reside in.  If you would like to live out of the State of California, an Interstate Compact Transfer will have to take place.  This is a privileged transfer and the Mono County Probation Department can deny it.  Additionally, the state in which you would like to transfer to can deny the transfer as well.  Please note you must reside in the State of California while on supervised Probation.  Both transfers cost $75.00 for a processing fee. 


Where is the Mono County Probation Department?

The Mono County Probation Department's main office is located at 57 Bryant Street in Bridgeport, California.  There is a satellite office which is located in Mammoth Lakes, California.  The Mammoth Lakes location is at 452 Old Mammoth Road the Sierra Center Mall.  Within the building, the office is located on the 3rd floor.